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Upon the Creation of an Alliance

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Upon the creation of my new alliance, Soldier, I've been peppered with personal messages telling me various things. When I first created this alliance I didn't want it to be represented by a great score or large nations, rather what my alliance stood for and why the nations within this alliance should take pride in it.

I've received numerous messages telling me that Soldier is bound to fail and that we should merge and adopt another alliance's charter and procedures for the sake of more members and a better chance of survival. Each time I've politely refused that offer because I refuse to give up on Soldier and all that it stands for and what it means to the people who stand behind its flag. I've gotten everything from, "your alliance will disband soon" to "you'll go nowhere due to a lack of bank nations." I think that these people don't know the resolve that we have for this alliance. We knew that we weren't going to be big, we knew we faced an uphill battle but we put it all on the line for our ideals and what we stand for.

Now don't get me wrong, I've received a lot of encouragement from the likes on The Phoenix Federation, Vanguard, Bad Omen, and Londo and I thank them all for it. But I know many in Planet Bob just look at our existance as something that will last no longer than a month. I believe through our principles we will overcome all the nay sayers and become a beacon of alliances who don't start out with large nations, who don't have a lot of money, who don't want to merge, who don't have an offsite forum to draw members from that they can do it and it can be done.

These are all words and if words are to mean anything they must be put into action. I know I face the odds of 10000 to 1, but before this is all done I will look back and know I gave it my all.

Thank you all for reading my blog. May you have a safe and wondeful Thanksgiving, and may God bless.

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