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Questions: Costume Sightings

Prince Imrahil



The best costumes that I saw this weekend were (in no particular order):

-Little kid as a UPS guy. He was adorable.

-Brawny Man. I didn't get it until I saw him holding a roll of paper towels.

-The Mad Hatter, huge hat and all.

-Flapper girl. There were actually 2, but one was especially good. The '20s were the best fashion decade.

-Catholic priest. All he really needed to finish the costume was a little kid to abuse.

-McLovin from "Superbad." Spitting image of him.

-Hot guy in a Scottish kilt...because he was hot.

Anybody else see some interesting costumes?



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I've been lamenting Halloween since 8:15 last night. I didn't see anything good costume-wise--just Party City mass-produced crap--plus there were about 0 kids out this year. I don't think we even broke 30 trick-or-treaters and we only had 2 after 8:15. No one over 11- or 12-years-old. All around lame.

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A girl in underwear and apples hanging around her neck - she was an apple tart!

A bunch of grubby-looking lads in hard hats and moustaches - Chilean miners!

My brother in trench coat and shades with a toolbelt of domestos, jif, bleach etc - he was a cleaning agent!

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I've been lamenting Halloween ... there were about 0 kids out this year ... No one over 11- or 12-years-old. All around lame.

i suspect i read this the wrong way...

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