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Your thoughts on America's war management




In studying U.S. foreign policy and the ideas of classical strategic thought and its modern day applications, I find myself running across Clausewitz and Sun Tzu, along with Jomini, Machiavelli and others, promoting the idea that the "sovereign" (nation leader/s) should not be interfering with a general's command on the field. It is the sovereign's job to set policy, which is then carried out on the field.

So, I want thoughts from the people here. Have at it.



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Politicians generally have no idea what they're doing, but they don't let that deter them from getting involved. We need more people like that in the world. We need more people who aren't afraid to just do the job.

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So you're studying the effects of bad judgement and poor decisions? I mean honestly, studying US Foreign Policy over the last 60 years is a good way of knowing what not to do.

But anyway, yeah, I think it's true that a leader shouldn't get involved in the affairs of the military. Of course, I'm a pacifist and don't think military's should exist, but looking at history from a military and efficiency point of view it seems like any time a leader gets involved it $%&@s up a lot of what the military could have done more efficiently. Unless it's something like the decision to use a nuclear weapon, the military shouldn't have access to that kind of authorization.

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