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Highlights from WCE: Part 12

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[20:11] <%Rebel_Virginia> We need to win this, and we need to be certain that we can do that.

[20:11] <@Daggarz[Nemesis]> even if we dont win, atleast we made a stand guys. I mean honestly. Its make a stand or lose the game to another era of Hegemony

[20:11] <%pezstar> ...

[20:11] <%Thrash[invicta]> if it's worth anything, i've talked to a few people not represented here who have had the desire to roll GOONS

01[20:11] <%TehChron> Daggarz

01[20:11] <%TehChron> this moment

[20:11] <%Voodoo> Thrash, same here

01[20:11] <%TehChron> or any other

[20:11] <%pezstar> You know, I've done a lot here to be patient.

01[20:11] <%TehChron> wont make a difference

01[20:12] <%TehChron> that hegemony is already here, as you see it

[20:12] <@HeroofTime55> People need to listen to pez

[20:12] <%pezstar> But really, Daggarz, are you actually in charge of an alliance? Because you haven't said a single intelligent thing yet.

pezstar laying down the smackdown.

[20:12] <@Daggarz[Nemesis]> sorry pezstar, I am a person of morals

[20:12] <@Daggarz[Nemesis]> hard to grasp?

Morals == fighting when you know you'll lose. Such a stupid line of thought, it degrades real morality.

[20:12] <%pezstar> I'm the biggest moralist in CN. You can be moral and still get things done.

Uh oh Bob Janova, looks like she's calling you out. You two need to have a moral-off.

[20:12] <@Grumpdogg[NpO]> if you're here to go nuke someone on your way out, please leave right the hell now

[20:13] <%Rebel_Virginia> But that is not enough to counter PB alliances and their friends.

[20:13] <@Poyples> daggarz shut up man, just for 5 minutes, pez, chron, RV

[20:13] <@Poyples> all been there

[20:13] <@Poyples> done it before

[20:13] <@Poyples> seen it before

[20:13] <%pezstar> I am telling you that you no longer have a CB with UPN. It's not there. Some may think it's there, but it's not enough to pique the interest of the folks on the fence.

[20:13] <@HeroofTime55> ^

[20:14] <%pezstar> And it's the fence sitters who make or break a war.

The infighting continues, splitting the coalition asunder.

[20:14] <%Rebel_Virginia> What we do then, if I may suggest, is wait.

[20:14] <%Rebel_Virginia> We know that we all want to roll GOONS.

[20:14] <@HeroofTime55> Things happened too fast, and it's too iffy

[20:14] <%Rebel_Virginia> So we wait, and keep an eye out for possible CBs.

[20:14] <@Grumpdogg[NpO]> i look forward to seeing these logs all over the OWF

[20:14] <@HeroofTime55> We need to wait

[20:14] <%pezstar> Waiting is what you need to do.

[20:14] <%Rebel_Virginia> But if we don't have one here, then acting is just suicide.

01[20:14] <%TehChron> this isnt the first times GOONS has done this

01[20:14] <%TehChron> it wont be the last

You're welcome Grumpdogg.

[20:15] <@HeroofTime55> <%pd73bassman[NoR]> goons will see this, and will never give you a cb << They'd have to stop raiding, or pay the $90m when they inevitably frack up

[20:15] <%Rebel_Virginia> Waiting is what needs to be done.

[20:15] <%Rebel_Virginia> We need to look for a new CB.

[20:15] <%Rebel_Virginia> And when it happens, we seize the opportunity.

[20:15] <%pezstar> Charge them 90M for every raid on your alliance.

I'm genuinely amused that the 90m methrage amount has become some bizzare standard that we've apparently started, despire the fact that we sold the UOKMB rogues for 15 each. But I guess the amount isn't important, as long as they don't think we'll pay it, giving them a really bad CB I guess?

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<@HeroofTime55> <%pd73bassman[NoR]> goons will see this, and will never give you a cb << They'd have to stop raiding, or pay the $90m when they inevitably frack up

I'm sure everyone would just go with it considering a group of people met discussing how to generate a CB out of thin air. When one of them asks for 90m for a raid, everybody will be able to see the ulterior motives, considering these logs.

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