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Rule of treaties.




With another global war appearing on the horizon, we'e seeing the usual flurry of last minute treaty signings and cancellations. When are people going to figure out that pieces of e-paper aren't the be-all-end-all of the cyberverse? I mean, look at MHA, the statistic number one alliance in the game, they're treatied directly with Gramlins, who have one formal treaty. One.

A treaty can be a wonderful thing to formalize a relationship, and as a way to announce it to the world, if that's your thing, but it isn't always necessary. Think about it, this war started when NpO declared on \m/, in defense, so they say, of any number of alliances they hold no treaties with. Alliances like MK find themselves overtreatied and with hands semi-tied when they find themselves fighting on opposite sides of direct MDP partners.

If these treaties were done away with, the game would suddenly become exciting. There wouldn't be simple cut and dried lines before the wars even started. Treaties are nice, but I would much rather have some real friends out there, ones who want to fight by my side, than a group obligated to do so because of a piece of e-paper signed months or years ago by people who probably aren't even there anymore.



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As I pointed out in my entry, most of the declarations in this war are in fact by 'real friends ... who want to fight by [their allies'] side' and not 'groups obligated to do so because of a piece of e-paper'.

MHA have many treaties, unless I missed some large announcement.

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Yes, these developments have been good for the health of the game as a whole. It's my personal belief that alliances and alliance relationships are better off without any treaties written down formally at all, but I highly doubt that's a change that will happen any time soon.

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The purpose of military treaties as they relate to this game is to prevent, delay or wage wars.

Reliance on real friendships for in-game treaties sets some impossible standards, that invariably lead to many problems in reality and in fantasy.

CN is no less a game than chess. We should be able to taunt and even "check" our opponents without risking real friendships.

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