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  1. All I could comprehend from this thread was that GOONS is beating on a couple random idiots and Methrage is an even bigger idiot than the people getting attacked. Good luck GOONS?
  2. [quote name='Mr Damsky' date='07 April 2010 - 07:57 PM' timestamp='1270684655' post='2252298'] What? There's a section in possibly every alliances recruitment messages that says "WE WILL OFFER YOU PROTECTION FROM TECH RAIDERS!". After all, it's probably one of the best reasons for a nation to join an alliance. [/quote] Absolutely. With all the recruitment messages, there's really no excuse for being unaligned after the initial free peace period, unless you want to. And for that, there are obvious consequences.
  3. [quote name='Sal Paradise' date='27 February 2010 - 08:51 PM' timestamp='1267318250' post='2207191'] If you steal my wallet and I punch you in the face, you don't get to keep my wallet. [/quote] Well said. If someone gets raided and manages to turn the fight around to the point where the raider is losing, if the raidee has the power to make things worse for the raider they certainly can demand reps. It's not so much a matter of "right" as much as a "Give me reps or I'll just beat the **** outta you for attacking me" sort of thing.
  4. You forgot the "This poll is stupid, polls in general are stupid, stop making polls and being stupid." option. Stop making stupid polls about stupid things. /thread
  5. See, I saw this thread and thought Citadel was actually declaring on Gramlins. Instead, I get this gawdawful thread. I am disappoint.
  6. [quote name='Atanatar' date='06 April 2010 - 06:09 PM' timestamp='1270591764' post='2250771'] Despite your brave talk and well meaning intentions, you're advocating that nations retaliate with undue force, and thus likely to result in the raided nation being declared rogue by any sensible alliance, opening them selves to possible ZI and sanctions. So, please, before you go around trumpeting how hard core people should be, maybe you hould think through the full implications of a "Nuke first, question later" mentality. [/quote] Atanatar, what are you talking about? If I raid someone, I fully
  7. Well of course. I use the term friendlily, I assure you, because purpLOL is awesome.

    Also, you joined TOP?

  8. didnt you join a PurpLOL alliance?

    im laughing at your hypocrisy :P

  9. [quote name='Kzoppistan' date='04 April 2010 - 05:33 PM' timestamp='1270416790' post='2247863'] I don't like your idea. Get it off the board. [/quote] I don't like you, get off the board. ... Well, I guess that didn't work. And neither did what you said, nor will it.
  10. Sweet, it's this crap again... OH TEH NOES TECH RAIDING IS EBIL AND BAD STOP IT! ...Yeah, have fun with that.
  11. Holy crap, I'm gone for a month or so and look what I missed... GATO and a PurpLOL alliance getting sanctioned, passes all over the place, WTF still not having enough members... Damn.
  12. Should you pay reps? No. I think disbanding would be much more preferable in your situation.
  13. [quote name='WCaesarD' date='23 February 2010 - 11:04 AM' timestamp='1266941309' post='2199073'] In a few past wars, I put down deposits while fighting. That is, I sent OUT aid over the course of the war, and then when it was over, I started getting my tech. Of course I only do that with trusted sellers, and usually neutrals... but you get the point. I've banked up some credit in the past, enough where I was getting a month or two's worth of tech at wars end. [/quote] That's probably the most intelligent and neutral way to deal during wartime.
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