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  1. Well of course. I use the term friendlily, I assure you, because purpLOL is awesome.

    Also, you joined TOP?

  2. didnt you join a PurpLOL alliance?

    im laughing at your hypocrisy :P

  3. Thank you! I like yours as well. :)

  4. Nice profile picture. :awesome:

  5. Of course not. In this game, when the only way to realistically do anything is to declare war, those with the most power will always come out on top. How else would you suggest making "right"?
  6. What a tangled web we weave in this game, eh?
  7. Godwin

    NpO_v_\m/ War Web

    All those alliances caught up in war over a tiny insignificant incident... Damn, we're pretty awesome.
  8. Didn't you hear? The Optional Defense Network is rubbing off on them. I kid, of course (Because I do <3 ODN) but I understand that conflicting treaties DO get frustrating. My only suggestion here is this: When you (and this goes for everyone in general) go to sign a treaty with another alliance, make sure their other treaty partners are people you can see yourself getting along with and having similar views to when it comes to wars. That way, situations like this one can be partly mitigated. Hope that helps. :/
  9. Godwin

    Rule of treaties.

    Yes, these developments have been good for the health of the game as a whole. It's my personal belief that alliances and alliance relationships are better off without any treaties written down formally at all, but I highly doubt that's a change that will happen any time soon.
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