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5BR Trade Circle (with uranium)

comrade fatality

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Hello everyone

I am going to be starting a new trade circle in approximately 1 month.

Here's what the circle looks like so far:

Wheat- Lmcfalcon12 (Purple)
Coal- Comrade Fatality (Purple)
aluminum- Chowder (Aqua)
water- Chowder (Aqua)
fish- damur (Purple)
marble- damur (Purple)
Uranium- Lmcfalcon12 (Purple)
rubber- Kinjite (Purple)
lumber- Kinjite (Purple)
Sugar- Comrade Fatality (Purple)

BRs are: steel, Construction, asphalt, automobiles and beer.

Economic effect:
Income: +$7.5
Citizens: +20.14%
Happiness: +9
Infra cost: -35.2%
Land cost: -14.5%
Land bonus: +38%
Environment: +1

Bill effect:
Infra UpK: -23.7%
Tank UpK: -9.75%
Nuke UpK: -50%
Navy UpK: -14.5%

Military effect:
Soldier eff.: +42.56%
Soldier cost: -$6
Navy Cost: -19.25%
Aircraft Cost: -15.21%
Aircraft Limit: +10

it would be great if you are on purple team or would be willing to switch to purple team but I guess it's not all that important. If you are interested post here ASAP because I also sent message to other CN members so spots may fill fast.


-Comrade Fatality

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[quote name='Beta1' date='01 June 2010 - 02:38 PM' timestamp='1275421094' post='2319469']
guys u can get 8 bonus resources in my trade circle and uranium
just go to the Aqua Trade Circle by Beta1 :rolleyes:

Not everyone [i]wants[/i] an Aqua trade circle.

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