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The Sovereign ( gov position Open!)

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The SoVereign is a new alliance which will DoE in couple of days .

The Sovereign alliance believes in freedom of speech and allows members to be part of the alliance in terms of , ideas , advicing the government a, and voting for who they want.

I dont want to tell you much more about it atm :P.

But We have 3 Minister positions open :

- Minister of defence
- Minister Of Foreign Affairs
- Minister of Internal Affairs


Must be a loyal member , and old in the game , by old i mean older than 80 days , also you must have expereince in the department , not neccassirily have worked as a minister but you know what to do . If you fill these requirements apply as a member in The sovereign forums : [url="http://www.cn-sovereign.tk"]cn-Sovereign.tk[/url] , and we will take it from their.

At the moment we have 4 founders ( all active) .

If you need to speak with me on IRC you could find me hanging out in the TFD channel which is #tfd.

I'm on for a long time so you probably will find me their.

P.S we havent showed our flag etc. cause we want it as a surprise :P

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Arent you bored Of Dictatorship , Arent you bored of not Seeing What you're government are doing?

Dont you just What Some tranperacy and members Ideas Are very valuable and members Words Are very Listened to..?

Well then End this And Become a founder of an ALLIANCE aiming to Stay as a community Of Real Democracy & transperacy.

Join The Sovereign

Theres still open spaces for minister jobs :D

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Whilst the invites and offers of freedom of speech here are appreciated, I regret to inform you that I am unfortunately unable to be a part of your alliance at this time.

Aimee Mann

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