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Our Neighbor to the South

Sarah Tintagyl

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With the Galician War finally wrapped up and a French foothold on the Iberian Peninsula secure, Therese's next goal was security. The world, while not being particularly attentive to the happenings on Iberia was still threatening and there were still areas of France that were extremely vulnerable to foreign attack. Nowhere was this more clear than the southern regions, those closest to the Sicilian League and the New Palma Republic. Palma, which had arisen from the destroyed Molakia was without a doubt a sleeping giant, already advancing in cloning technology, a massive army and population, and the potential, as well as perhaps the desire to grow outside of the islands they had inherited from the Rebel Army and from Molakia. It was an ally that Therese desperately wanted to have and one that from seeing from current politics, one that Athens had already claimed for themselves. Strange as it was, the balancing beam between Western and Eastern Europe was centered in the Western Mediterranean, in truth, the destiny of Europe, rested on Palma, whether it knew it or not.

Therefore an alliance was desired and a letter was sent.

[i][b]TO: President Edward Moshum, of the New Palma Republic
From: Therese Zelle, Empress of the Third French Empire[/b][/i]

For the existence of such a strong nation as yourself and in close proximity to the Empire it is an absolute wonder and sin that you and I have not been able to discuss properly the balance of power that exists in Europe right now. Only across a bit of sea can France and Palma see each other and yet we have done little more than send the approval of an invitation to a conference that has not yet since occurred. In spite of this, I would be blessed to be able to see the beginnings of relations between your state and my own to discuss the possibility of furthering both French and Palmese ambitions in the world and at home, to strengthen our economies, and perhaps the chance to lend support to one another militarily if push came to shove. However beyond all that President, I want the oppratunity to finally meet my neighbor to the south, a personal meeting and one I hope that both of us leave with a greater understanding of each other.

Therefore if you would be so kind to accept my invitation, please come to Paris and then to Versailles and we will spend the day in the gardens talking of things both concerning and non-concerning the future of Europe.


Therese Zelle[/i]

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[i][b]To: Therese Zelle, Empress of the Third French Empire
[/b][b]From: [/b][b]President Edward Moshum, of the New Palma Republic[/b][/i][i][i][b]

[i]I am in agreement with you, it would be a travesty if our nations did not meet to hold each others company and discuss the future of our shared landscape; that is the future of Europe if not beyond. I am quite receptive to at the very least entertaining some sort of economic agreement with assured non-aggression clauses, and pending how our meeting goes I may even be receptive to something more concrete on a military spectrum. I believe in the word of men and women, and I can often tell when ones word is worth the sealing of my own. That being said, it is not well known but our little island holds quite a resemblance to French culture as quite a few significant blood-lines owe there heritage to the France; which is reflected in our currency and flag. Our nation is in many ways, a microcosm of European culture, architecture, and fashion, only time and a little bit of effort is needed for this to become evident. Hence, I would love for our meeting to leave you with a sense of what the New Palma Republic stands for as well as what our intents are in regards to Europe. I look forward to meeting, and speaking to you in the Gardens of Versailles.


Edward Nicholas Moshum

[i]*President Moshum boards the Presidential Gulfsteam 650 and charts a flight course to Paris*[/i]

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When the Palmese plane descended into Paris International Airport, Moshum was received by the French Imperial Guard with a sword salute and a march down the red carpet that had been rolled out in front of the staircase of his plane. As he would walk down the corridor of raised swords, General Claire Delacour of the Imperial Guard was the first to bow and greet the President with a firm handshake. "Sir, it is an honor to have you in France, Her Highness has been waiting for this visit was a great deal of anxiety and is very happy to finally get to meet you. I have a limousine prepared to take you to Versailles, if you would follow me, we can be on our way." Claire said leading him to the limousine and helping him inside. Once there, they sped off through the streets of Paris and towards the French countryside, which lay beyond that, the wonder of Versailles.

Arriving through the iron gates of the palace, Moshum would immediately be immersed in the splendor of the French Empire. The limousine stopped at the entrance corridors, but Claire led the President away from the main palace, through a few paths in the courtyard to the gardens of the palace. A little while longer, Claire and Edward finally came upon the Empress as she walked down one of the paths, a fan in her hand gently blowing a breeze to her face, hiding her smile underneath the paper.

"President Moshum, Edward..." Therese bowed. "It is an honor, welcome to Versailles, my home. Claire you may go, thank you for escorting the President here."

"My pleasure Highness, thank you." Delacour clicked her heels and was off again as Therese took Edward's hand and began guiding him down one of the pathways of the gardens.

"I apologize, it is abnormally hot today. I normally wear much nicer." She said looking down at the white sundress. "But otherwise I would just die out here." They started towards the shade of trees a ways down the path. "Anyways, I'm glad you could finally make it, I noticed that Palma was quite pleased with France's recent acquisition of Galicia, unlike the rest of the world." She quipped. "I think if that barrier is already removed, we will do just fine together. But I must ask, in your brief opinion, what do you hope to see in a friendship between our two peoples?"

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"To answer your question madame, I would like a friendship to develop between our nations. Obviously, for strategic reasons it would be in both our interests to be able to rely on the other in case of any military conflict abroad or within our own neighborhood. It would help us both to secure our borders as we are only separated by a small stretch of sea. But beyond that, it has become evident that France is quickly rising in prestige and power along Europe. Thus, it would be inevitable that our nations would clash as French & Palma ambitions continue to grow down the road; so why not simply form a bond now and avoid potential conflict in the future. Not to mention, from an economic standpoint our nations would have much to gain if were to form an open-trading agreement as our markets combining would only increase both of our GDP's. Thus, why I am here now...to plant the seeds of friendship firmly in French soil with the intent to grow a prosperous Europe in the future."

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"I fully agree, Edward, our little brook of water if you could call it such is nothing to separate relations. In fact I think that if our fleets might be able to link up in a way that would have very desirable effects for all of us. Perhaps a creation of a Western Mediterranean SOSUS Network, along with other military designs as well as possible a cultural exchange of sorts. I realize that France and Palma have a great deal of the same cultural origin, but through time have differed in their own ways so I would be open to explore those differences and in turn benefit from them." Therese sighed. "I normally have a much better welcoming speech or talk for my guests Edward, you'll have to excuse me, waves of stress do nothing for a young woman's mind, so I feel incredibly fuzzy today." She held her head and closed her eyes. "Please may we sit down for a moment."

The Empress took the President to a nearby bench and sat down. "Anyways, I wanted to know what we can do to push this friendship further."

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"Yes, I'm in agreement about a SOSUS network, it could help us both from a security standpoint to know whom is traveling in our brook. I agree too that a cultural exchange between our nations would do wonders to improve the relations between our peoples. We could open up with free-trade and open borders to allow our peoples to travel freely amongst each-others lands. It would be a natural osmosis of cultural diffusion on the citizenry level. On a governmental level we could hold some celebrations or 'meetings' for our governments to mingle and meet. I think with that we could make a first step towards formalized relations, but ultimately I'd hope to see France and Palma standing together tall upon future ventures as allies and friends."

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"Well I believe that would be most perfect Monsieur. Then perhaps we could solidify this friendship being born officially. I would like to say perhaps a Mutual Defense Pact that would allow the networking of our military and I'm sure we could upgrade in the future. There is always the chance that it could come in handy for both of us and Palma and France can stand together forever."

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"Of course, but we'll have to go inside, I keep treaty templates in the palace." Therese stood up and guided Edward into Versailles, up through the gilded corridors and to her office aside from her bedroom and study. Walking over to her desk, she pulled out a piece of parchment and after spending a few moments with a pen handed the treaty over to the President. "I hope you find this acceptable."


The undersigned nations of the New Palmese republic and the French Empire, recognizing the historical and cultural bonds of friendship between the two, hereby enter into a pact of mutual defense.

[b]Article I: Non Aggression[/b]

New Palma and France hereby agree to establish a policy of non-aggression. Neither signatory will launch military, political, or covert operations against the other.

[b]Article II: Trade[/b]

New Palma and France agree to not levy a tax, tariff or other damaging economic or trade establishment. Trade between the two nations will be generally free and unrestricted by the respective governments.

[b]Article III: Intelligence[/b]

If intelligence networks within New Palma and France find any that threats, either foreign or domestic are imminent, they are required to instantly open diplomatic and intelligence dialogue between predetermined agencies.

[b]Article IV: Mutual Defense[/b]

An attack upon one signatory will be considered an attack upon both, and will be treated as such.

[b]Article V: Cancellation[/b]

Either signatory may cancel this treaty at any time, provided that they inform their counterpart of their intentions at least 48 hours in advance. This treaty will still be in effect during those 48 hours.

[u]Signed for the French Empire,[/u]

[i]Therese Zelle,[/i]
[b]Empress of France[/b]

[i]Charles Talles,[/i]
[b]Foreign Minister[/b]

[u]Signed, For the New Palma Republic[/u]
[i]Edward Nicholas Moshum,[/i]
[b]President of the NPR[/b]


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[font="Verdana"]"Yes, it's acceptable madame." Without any second thoughts, Edward signed the document on the dotted line.

Signed, For the New Palma Republic
[i]Edward Nicholas Moshum - President of the NPR

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