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"Please delete this foreign aid proposal."


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When trying to accept a 50 Tech shipment I get the following error:
[color=red]You have received an error trying to view a page. Here is the detailed error code: Sorry, but the sending nation no longer has the required amount of technology to send this aid package. Please delete this foreign aid proposal.[/color][/quote]

While the sending nation [i]indeed[/i] hasn't the Tech (it's at 0.00 right now) I think that the "Please delete this foreign aid proposal" sentence, matched with the "You have received an error trying to view a page" one, the exclamation mark and the red font, are all misleading in that an inexpert player may be lead to think that their only way to "solve" the error is to delete the aid proposal, while one can just wait for the sender to replenish their level of Tech (or cash/soldiers for other Foreign Aids).
In other words, it looks like the inability to withdraw a "non-existent asset" is a game/server "bug" while it's just a regular game [i]feature[/i].

[i](Apologies if the wording of this bug report comes out unclear, I'm not satisfied of it but I couldn't do better. Also sorry should this be deemed worth of the Suggestion box instead of this forum, I was uncertain but I eventually decided for this one.)[/i]

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