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A Funky Friendship Story

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Juanito stormed from his office on the second floor of the Yellow House, the central building of the executive Branch of Funkyheim.
"Juanito, sir, please you have a lot of work to do today! I know the elections did not go in your favor but El Presidente is very busy now and you must-" his secretary was saying as he cut her off
"QUIET! That Man has a lot to answer for, and by God I will see that he does!" he raged, angrily moving down the stairs onto the first floor.
He took out a special key to a special door on the first floor, which was flanked by two armed guards. He unlocked the door, and proceeded through it, into a long hallway. The hallway looked like it was under construction (which it most certainly was), and workers were everywhere. Juanito simply blew through them all, leaving many to wonder if a strong breeze hadn't just wafted through the hall. At the end of the hall were two large highly polished wooden doors, again with Armed Guards posted on the outside. Juanito threw open one of the doors and barged into the Office of El Presidente.
"Presidente-..." Juanito began, but a hand came up for silence. El Presidente wasn't facing Juanito, his big brown swivel chair facing the window behind the desk, so that all Juanito could see of El Presidente was the hand that he had just raised.
"Sit down, Juanito"

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There was silence in the room as Juanito took the first seat in front of the desk.
"El Presidente-" Juanito began again, but was again interrupted by El Presidente.
"Please, Juanito, we've known each other how long now? You don't have to use the title, you know"
Juanito was glaring at the back of the chair, thoroughly annoyed.
"Erik...Eriksen, we have to talk..." Juanito started, when El Presidente Stood Up. He walked slowly to the window, seemingly in awe of the tropical scenery outside.
"Your mad" El Presidente (Eriksen) said, in a sad kind of voice. He wasn't wearing his sunglasses, so for the first time in what seemed like a week Juanito could actually see El Presidente's face. White, of course, giving El Presidente's origin, with blue eyes of surprising brightness, and a shock of brown hair that's seen plenty of sun.
"So you've figured it out now eh?" Juanito snapped, not as mad as before, usually what happens when someone as disarming as El Presidente talks to them.
"You wanted to lead the Congress, something I promised you would do so long as I was Presidente. But instead I went behind your back, formed my own party, and swept the election from you. Yea, I could see your mad about that" Erik said, in his sad little voice that could only make you wonder if he hadn't been brooding on this for a while.
"So what do you intend to do? since you don't seem to care what I think anymore" Juanito asked, in his best accusatory tone. El Presidente Said nothing, but continued to stare out the window. It seemed like forever. Juanito started to become restless, and uncomfortable. His plan to !@#$%* out El Presidente hadn't been going to plan...at all, in fact, and now it seemed as if El Presidente had stopped speaking all together...until he spoke again.
"You've done a lot for me since I got here Juanito. You taught me your language, help me set up my radio station...got me to be El Presidente. It's been a good 8 years, and I don't think I can ever truly repay that" He said as he sat back into his chair, swiveling around to face Juanito. He opened a desk drawer and pulled out a packet of papers and slid it over to Juanito. Juanito took it and started to read it.
"Erik, wait, you would really-" He started to say, quickly and very much surprised. But El Presidente Silenced him yet again, stood up, and started to leave
"I think you can make the announcement...my friend" He said, right before he left.

[color="#FF0000"][size="5"][i][b]Funkyheim Executive Announcement[/b][/i][/size][/color]

[size="3"][i]*juantio takes up a position behind a podium*[/i][/size]

As of Today, by executive order 002, the nation of Funkyheim is hereby now known as The Funky Republic of Puerto Rico (our nation Flag as it currently stands will stay). This decision has been made by El Presidente, in the name of the best interests of the people, and has been concurred by The Vice Presidente. The Funkyheim Central Party is also to be renamed the Central Republic Party.

speaking of which...

As of Today, by executive order 003, The Office of the Vice Presidente has been formed. The Vice Presidente does not have executive authority, but is the official leader of Congress and Head of Foreign Relations. El Presidente has appointed Juanito as his Vice Presidente.

speaking of which...

Today El Presidente...Presidente Eriksen Frey, has asked me to say that The Republic is formally opening Diplomatic Relations with...well...everyone.

thank you

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