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Silence before the Storm.

Maelstrom Vortex

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Around the world, the Cult's activities had lulled to a humming background noise of sorts versus the stirring of media and political activity it had inspired not long before.

"Empress, the time nears. Preparations are almost complete." The First knelt before Cynthia, his robe and cowl hiding most of his body and face.

"How near?" Her eyes slowly opened behind her dragon mask as she sat upon her gilded throne meditating, her gaze going to her highest ranked follower and fellow dream.

"Within the year Majesty." He smiled. "We are certain this time.. within the year. It's only a matter of refining the fuel of the core to the proper levels of purity. It's drawing an immense amount of electricity to power all the cyclotrons."

"When we have a date.. make it known to all within the body." She nodded.

"Of course, Majesty." He nodded, still face down to the floor.

"I do hope there shall be no delays.. this time." She grumbled.. remembering all the failed attempts prior.

He stumbled a bit with his words, "N-no.. course not Majesty.. we would not disappoint you that way again. We fear you would forget us."

She stood from her throne and stretched, "Take me to the laboratory. I want to watch."

"Yes.. your highness." He escorted her down the labyrinthine corridors of under-Hobart's 14th floor to the reactor center. They found her a good seat where she sat, quietly overseeing the progress of the project.. and making dozens upon dozens of nuclear scientist zealots.. unsettled.

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