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The Prophet arises

Kevin Kingswell

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With a cloud filled sky casting shadows all across the roads and grass of Queen's Park, a large group of Nova Sol Terra citizens stood before a hastily erected stadium as they shouted and cheered as they waited for their self proclaimed prophet to appear. The prophet did not disappoint his supporters as he quickly walked on to the podium and raised his hands to the air asking for silence, to which he was quickly given as the shouting and cheers stopped as they all raised their eyes to view him.

The prophet did not look like anything special and yet it was clear from the way he held himself and from his ability to silence such a large crowd that he was a man of great power. Those nearest the podium gazed upon his handsome features, his sleek black hair and clear blue eyes. They drank in his muscled body and tall height like his was some kind of god, in fact to most of them he was their godly avatar. With his dark black suit he cut a very imposing figure at the very least.

[i]"Brothers and sisters"[/i]he began looking across the park grounds to all his supporters [i]"for too long have we worked under the influence of those who would call themselves leaders. Across every nation these so called men of power have sent hundreds if not thousands to their deaths for no true purpose. Many of you labour through each and every day and for what? A small portion of funds to feed your family whilst our leaders indulge in feasts and expensive clothes!!"[/i]
"I say no more brothers and sisters I say it is time that the people lived for themselves!!No longer shall we labour under the weight of oppression!!! No longer will we fall to the side and wither!!! Now is our time for liberation!!!"[/i] roared the prophet as he depressed a switch hidden beneath the podium sending a fast electonic signal to a number of electronic recievers through the capital city of Nova Sol Terra. Upon recieving the signal the recievers detonated the explosive packages they were attached too and a number of police and army stations were destroyed in a fiery blast leaving many police and army personal dead.

As the explosions died down the prophet's supporters roared in approval and many pulled out hidden weapons that they had brought with them. Most had brought knives or sports equipment whilst a few had more dangerous weapons such as small hand arms and moloktov cocktails and with these the supporters swarmed the streets of the capital city looking for any service personal or government figures to attack, their path would take them straight towards the government complex and if they weren't stopped they would easily burn the structures to the ground.

Ignoring all of this the prophet left the podium and walked swiftly over to a waiting convoy of vehicles, accompanied by a number of heavily armed men. Reaching the centre humvee the guards opened the passenger door for the prophet and he climbed in coming face to face with three other men who were identical to him. Shaking each of their hands he wished them luck with their missions before they left the vehicle and moved away into the streets. With that part of the operation completed the convoy moved off for the city's outskirts where one of many safehouses rested.

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Airspace above the Kingdom of Cochin's capital

The Boeing 747 passenger aircraft continued on its flightpath towards the capital of the Kingdom of Cochin, never wavering or turning. To any outside onlookers it would seem just like any normal flight however, this flight was not normal. Stashed away in its cargo hold was almost one tonne of plastic explosives timed to go off on sudden impact and every passenger onboard was dead either in their seat or shot down attempting to run away from the hijackers. These hijackers had also killed the pilot and co-pilot and now one of them was flying the plane as they flew towards thier target.

Capital of Nova Sol Terra

The rioting supporters flooded out from the park and into the streets of the capital, the prophet had known that they would soon just start unleashing their anger on anyone or anything nearby and he was right. The men and women began to attack cars, houses and people where ever they met them. Hundreds of vehicles were torched and some neighbourhoods were almost burned to the ground by the rioters before the first law enforcement units appeared on scene. These forces set up blockades and after attempts at diplomacy failed the streets turned into battlegrounds as rioters fought police and army forces.

Whilst this was occuring the three fake prophets each took control of a different portion of the rioters and began to lead them towards the government complex with the idea of torching the buildings and the leaders. The first false prophet ran into a large force of military soldiers and vehicles which attacked them. He and his supporting rioters were eventually slain though they killed many military soldiers before they did. The second false prophet almost made it into the government complex but a squadron of military fighters strafed the roadway he was using killing him and sending the rest of his rioters into a fleeing panic.

The third flase prophet was successful in bringing his rioters into the government complex where they engaged the small sanctum force left behind to protect the government officials. The battle was quick and brutal with many deaths of both sides however, the outcome was certain. Prime Minister Veers was killed in his office and his corpse impaled on the flag just outside his office window. The defence minister and others were hunted down and executed by the rioters in various painful ways, by the time the military managed to get the complex the entire place was aflame and though the third false prophet was now dead, the nation of Nova Sol Terra had no government.

It now faced anarchy.

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*** Secret / Classified ***



*** End ***

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"Unidentified Aircraft, this is Bengal ATC. Please identify yourself. We read you as a Boeing 747 inbound from Nova Sol Terra. The flight charter has not been recorded with us. Please state your identity, origin of flight, destination and nature of flight. If you do not comply you would be considered as potentially hostile and appropriate measures would be take."

OOC: I am assuming the plane crossed my airspace at Bengal area, ie, the border area between our nations. If you give an innocent reason, the flight would be permitted to proceed to Cochin City. Also please PM as to your intentions for this RP.

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"This is flight 24-6 on route from Nova Sol Terra we seem to have flown slightly off track. We have had to divert across your capital. We should be making a short trip over and then we shall turn around, we apologise for this incident and hope to get out of your hair shortly" replied the pilot hijacker as he tried to lie his way through for just enough time to attack their target.

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OOC: The plane would not proceed beyond Bengal anyways, and it is far far (1000km+) from my capital.

IC: "UAC 24-6, this is Bengal ATC. You do not have clearance to fly beyond Bengal ATC limits, you wont be permitted to fly towards Cochin City without prior chartered approval. We recommend you change course immediately. If you are in technical difficulties, emergency landing can be arranged for you."

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OOC: Ah okay. No problem.

[i]"Hey boss those instructions you got they are way off man!!!" [/i]shouted the pilot back alone the airplane's interior, sounds of running boots were heard as the hijacker leader came running into the cockpit. He was clearly angry with the pilot and began shouting immediatly [i]"What the hell do you mean!! Do you want me to kill you!!"[/i]. The pilot recoiled in fear and began to try and explain the situation to no avail as the leader lost control of his temper and shot the pilot through the head.

Of course that mean the plane now had no one flying it and everyone was thrown to one side as the plane suddenly started to nose dive towards the ground. Even as the boss tried to pull up the Bengal ATC would see the plane dive before impacting into the ground away from any cities or towns however, the explosives onboard would mean the crater would be larger than investigators would expect.

Meanwhile back in Nova Sol Terra

The death of the government had meant that the entire land had split into different territories under the control of different factions. To the north the democratics held control with most of the citizens having thrown their support behind them after they quickly moved in to help assure the people of their safety, To the east was the People's Revolution Army of Nova Sol Terra these people had some support but they also had plenty of bases in the jungle so they would be hard to root out. Finally to the west was the remains of the military under the control of Colonel John Star a vicious man who had managed to claw his way to the top in the resulting power struggle.

Only time would tell when this civil war would end and who would win it.

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