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A Nation Born Sick

Bull Run

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Weak central government, dissunity among congressional & military leaders of the Confederacy has led to bickering & utter disorder. General Jackson braught forth the envoy of the Confederacy's end with his parting from the Confederacy along with a small army of 4000 men. This monumental act snowballed, slicing a rift between the nation's civilian & military leaders. With the defection of effectively the entire Confederate militarty unity in the homeland quickly shattered. The nation cannot recover from this alone & the Confederate government has united again, one last time, to issue a plea for protection to Lousiana, the Northern Republic & the Holy American Empire. The American Continental Confederacy has collapsed.

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The ten thousand members of the Louisianan armed forces in Mexico, quickly responded to the American Continental Confederacy's plea and began moving in to shore up local institutions as well as provide additional security and stability.

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