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Join Bill Cosby!

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[b][i][u]Bill Cosby Alliance[/u][/i][/b]

Looking for a fun, laid back alliance?

An alliance with intra trade deals?

An easy to join, alliance created by a member experienced in both alliances and forum creation?

Then it's your luck dya!

Join Bill cosby alliance!

If you want to fight with us during a major declartion, go ahead! Want to nuke someone, just ask! We will more than likely allow you to under certain permission.

Really annoyed by that little guy who keeps spying or something? You can attack him, but if he is aligned, you will not be given permission unless certain circumstances.

What we have to offer?
-Trade Dealsa
-We are an alliance who is on the black team
-Free to not fight
-A democracy currently ruled by yours truley.
-A great community and a funny name!

Our forum are here:


Join Bill Cosby ASAP

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Gina Hammond moved from America to Western Africa in search of a job teaching english. Living in El Aaiún, she was prepared for the large storm incoming. Gina placed candles around the house, and unplugged all cords.

Just looking from her apartment window, Gina was shocked by the fierce nature of the storm. She could see lighting and hear the thunder, but something else was...different to her.

The screams below startled the woman. She could see a...boat? A boat was flying through the streets, smashing cars. Not a large tanker or anything, just a small speedboat, but boats usually don't go on land, and even so, El Aaiun isn't on the ocean side...

Then it started raining. Not the soft, usual rain that starts before a storm, but heavy, huge drops falling at a rate Gina had never seen before. In mere seconds, the streets were already little rivers, sweeping small objecs with them.

And the wind. When it started, it was going at around 100 miles per hour. It eventually picked up to an incredible 214 mph, sweeping citizens and vehicles around like ragdolls. The waves from the ocean a good couple of miles or so away were somehow sending water deep downtown, flooding many homes and

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