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Dear sweet Moderators

Cyber Nationz

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I know that managing the forums is a hectic job and requires great deal of time.
It is something that the respected moderators do by cutting precious time from their lives.

My question is; how long is it usually before you guys take action on a warn/ban reduction request.
After a request has been made, do you fellas usually wait a certain amount of time before checking and taking required action.
Do you have a limit on when and how many requests to handle at one time?

The reason I am asking is because, I made a warn reduction request on April 6th. After about 10 days everybody before me was taken care of, the last person [i](who's request was handled)[/i] made their request few hours before me. However Me and the players after were left alone. Now I can understand if the Mods didnt have the time to check the rest of the 'requests'. However I am just curious on the principle of time that these appeals are being handled.

Sonic of Cyber Nationz

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Reports are handled in the order in which they are received, which means unless you bump your thread your request is next on the queue. There is no set amount of time so just be patient and your report will be handled soon.

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