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A Letter sent by Horseman... CLOSED


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A plainclothes Polish cavalryman took off from the city of Krakow this morning by horse from the relative safety of Poland. His destination was the city of Vienna in Austria-Hungary, his charge was a sealed letter from the King to the Leader of Austria-Hungary. The roads were harsh and the weather fierce, rain lashed against the man's cloak covered face as he raced along the cobblestone pathways. After much difficulty and danger on the roadways, the city of Vienna was in plain sight to the man.[center][img]http://www.austria-trips.com/Vienna/vienna.jpg[/img][/center] Taking his horse to the nearest stable he paid to have it housed and stored while he worked for gain entrance as an emissary of the King of Poland.

"Hello good Sir" the rider began reaching the main gate of the palace, "I have a letter here from the King of Poland to your leader. I request an immediate audience with him." Following the guards who gave him passage he was let into the main anteroom where the King would speak with him.

A great door opened then and a personage entered the room, with a bow and a curt nod the courier handed over the sealed letter which read:
[code]Hail Frederick of Habsburg, Grand Duke of Austria and Hungary, King of the Romans and dei gratia Romanorum Imperator electus semper Augustus.

I am King Kazimierz IV of Poland, High Duke of Wawel, Bearer of the sword of Szczerbiec.
I come to ask your nation for a pact of friendship. A pact of Peace, a Non Aggression Agreement.

My courier bears this with him and will return word of your decision to me as soon as you release him.
In these meetings he bears my authority as he is my son Sigsimund. Treat with him as you would with me. [/code]

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Frederick III. read the letter, nodding to a scribe standing at the side to come closer. The man did so, and the Grand Duke spoke words which were written onto parchment, rolled together and then sealed by the Royal Seal.
The Grand Duke then took the sealed letter, motioning for the messenger to come forward. Once the man did so, he would be given the message.
"Bring this to your Lord. My answer is written on it. It shall only be opened by Kazimierz IV of Poland. Now go."

Should the King of Poland get the letter, it would read the following:
[quote]Esteemed King Kazimierz IV of Poland, High Duke of Wawel, Bearer of the sword of Szczerbiec.

I see no reason for a need of such a pact. We are both devout catholic nations under the Lord and the relations of our two nations are good.
A war against you would be honourless and despicable, for there is no reason I have to go to war with you.
In addition, none of the Prince Electors would approve of such a move, and you surely know that they do have some say.

Lord be with you.

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The message was received with general relief in Poland after the horseman's long journey home. The King understood the message of Frederick the Third, understood that for the time being Poland as a nation was safe, with a heavy sigh he set the papers with the man's words on it into his archives.

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