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Nutty North Korean Announcement

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This are a grave days withins North Korean. We is seen many horror in recent times: Justin Biebers releasing an new album, and the iPad. But none are compare to savagery commit by Capitalist pig alliance of CN Staff. To better explains atrocity commit by this illegitimates organization, I are pass on 'Barbie: Sing With Me' brand microphone to Nigel Burnsley.

NONE has been a loyal trade partner with North Korea since our formation 3,754 years ago (which was, coincidentally, also the birth date of Kim Jong-Il). NONE has always sent North Korea technology, land and money, and North Korea has always provided NONE with missiles and soldiers. Unfortunately, the missiles often blew up, and the soldiers often massacred NONE civilians and destroyed their homes, but still, NONE stuck with us. Now that's loyalty. And there's no country that respects loyalty and a good fashion sense more than North Korea, except perhaps the Vatican. Them and their top hats and night gowns...

But now, we see this: [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=83591"]Counter-Revolutionary, Capitalist Word-Vomit[/url]

"CN Staff have held control over this game for too long! They have committed too many atrocities. Like the bad puns in their signatures or the annoying animes in their avatars! We will stand for this no longer! It is time to start the Adminerican Revolution!"
- Dear Leader

And so we did. The following documentary depicts the hardship and bravery of North Korean revolutionaries in their glorious battle to overthrow the hegemonic swine that is the CN Staff:

[url="http://www.transyoutube.com/watch?v=WTzNlmfaSvw&s=2559"]Michael Moore's Bowling for Adminerica[/url]

This revolution sponsored by: "Huggies: I'm a big kid now."

P.S. This is, indeed, a severely belated April Fools joke itself. NNK may be a retarded alliance, but we're not [i]that[/i] retarded. Well, perhaps we are. But we try to smother it as best we can. I find watching Fraiser and listening to the Discovery Channel song helps.

P.P.S. I gave up a trip to Tim Horton's to make that video, so you'd better watch it.

P.P.P.S. Isn't it annoying when people shove P.S.'s at the end of their announcements?

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