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Order of Feudalistic Security


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I'll get right to the benefits of joining OFS:

-Despite being in a 60-nation alliance, you can enjoy the friendliness and camaraderie of a small one, thanks to our house system.

-OFS is designed so that every nation has a simple path to becoming a part of the High Council, as part of our objective merit-based system, and any nation can easily rise to power.

-Our Dragoons are always ready to fight and defend you if attacked, and our ambassadors will quickly negotiate a cease-fire and repercussions for you.

-We allow tech raids on inactive unaligned nations, and training drills on active ones.

-Our Nation Evaluation Center and the Office of Information will help you make your nation the best it can be.

-You receive 1,000,000 monies upon joining.

So click this link to our forums, to join today, or to find out more!

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A lot has happened with OFS, but we're still kicking! We offer many opportunities to get involved and make the most out of your CN experience!

Not to mention a good bit of aid potentially ;)

Tell them I sent you! :P

In any case, Dito's original post sums everything up: advancement is primarily merit-based, so some lazy bum won't get promoted ahead of you.

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