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Individual Surrender


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The citizens of Lacadaemon, led by the great Banned have accepted individual surrender terms offered by the people of Fark, specifically BozDaBoz of CoastalBendatia and Chewy Milk of Pendleton Republica.

As per private negotiation, and given special quarter from our allies, the citizens of Lacadaemon surrender to the following terms:

1. The people of Lacadaemon will submit a beer review in writing to the great leaders that make up the great alliance of Fark.

2. The nation state of Lacadaemon will remain a member of the Orange Defense Network and will continue to engage in open warfare against the enemies of the Orange Defense Network.

3. The people of Lacadaemon recognize the superiority of the fighting force that is Fark.

4. The nation of Lacadaemon will not impose prohibition as was on their senate floor for proposal as this would be a gross violation of the spirit of well-being of all parties involved.

5. Failure to comply with these terms of surrender will result in the re-establishment of awesomeness.

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[center][size="5"]The Beer That Freed A Nation[/size][/center]

As a person that doesn't drink often, I thought that this report would be a challenge, but after a long drunken rant with the great Tulak Hord of Sparta, I feel that this can be done, so let's get on with the review. I will be reviewing the quality of Chimay Bleue.

The Chimay Brewery was founded inside Scourmont Abbey, in the Belgian municipality of Chimay.

The ingredients have been the subject of interest: all the beers are made from water, malted barley, wheat starch, sugar, hop extract and yeast; malt extract is used in Rouge and Bleue for coloring. By the time that I was done drinking, I couldn't remember how the beer tasted. (Alcohol in moderation is bad m'kay?) While asking for a 2nd opinion from the great drunken Tulak (this man was born with 3 livers and has lived with the intention of destroying all of them), I am informed that in his also drunken state he felt... well, I'll use his words.

<Tulak_Hord> its almost like, a real bubbly feeling on the tongue like pepper you know.
<Tulak_Hord> does it even make sense?
<Tulak_Hord> its hard to describe beer, i just drink it

This beer can be purchased for $5.40 to $6.00 per 75 cl bottle.

For the price, this is a good beer. All in all, I rate this beer an 8. If you're looking for quick beer goggles to play wing man and take the ugly friend, this is definitely one of the better beers out there given the 9% abv rating.

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