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The end of the end...wait


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OOC: This is non-canon, right? :excl:

IC: :nuke:

It was almost a deafening sound. The NTR "Screaming Banshee" fighter dove in and blew down the incoming cargo plane. The partygoers looked up only for a second then when back to dancing. NTR was on Defcon 1, and very secure. They did not want NTR to have a potential risk of getting the new virus. The people were informed about this, but there were many riots and thousands of protest.

A small, beautiful plane was up in the sky. The Banshees circeld around it, but did no fire their missles. The jet flew down to a landing pad, and the Banshees did the same.

A man, about in his 60's, came out. He was wearing a plaid sweater with a white suit beaneath. The side of his arm was bandaged, and he had a small limp in his step. His hair was gray-brown, and his eyes were...almost completely black. He had a thin and small moustache, along with a small goatee. He had a small Colt sticking out of his back pocket.

He was escorted by guards to the fiesta, and everyone screamed hello at him. They hugged him and offered to buy him drinks. He said no, and went towards his wife.

His wife was more beautiful than any fashion model anytime. She had the most amazing blond-golden hair. She wore tons of makeup, and had baby skin. Her ears were ring free, and she wore a red dress with black high heels. When she saw here lolvely husband, she screamed with joy.

"Honey, you're back!"

"I missed you so much, darling."

"Would you like to dance? I am feeling jiggy toight!"

"Ah, not now Helen." The man sighed.

"Why not!?!"

Because, I am not feeling good, and my arm and leg are killing me. Some wierd punks came out and bit me. I threatened to shoot them, but they wouldn't stop. So I shot them to-..."

He sudennly collapesed with a THUD. The music and dancing stopped. All the Japanese-German citizens stared in horror. Their idol was on the ground, not breathing.

A man who claimed he was a doctor rushed over to him. He felt for a pulse, then preformed CPR. The man was dead.

"No..it...this...please..SAVE HIM!!" Helen cried.

"There is not much we can do, honey. He went into a coma and died. I could've hepled him but....oh my god."

The man started to get up. Helen ran over and squeezed him. She had tears in her that made black streaks across her face from the mascara. The man groaned, then took a bit chomp out of her arm. He chewed the flesh he had taken off. Helen was yelping, and blood dripped everywhere. Her eyes rolled up into her head, and she fell over.

"WHAT...WHY DID YOU JUST DO THAT!" The doctor screamed."Who...what are you?"

Suddenly, there was a volley of look outs and screams,and the doctor was bitten in the neck. Blood spewed out of his mouth, and he fell over gurgling. Helen and the man(we'll call him John, k?)ran into the crowd. They ate the DJ, then were biting people left and right.

After an hour, about 1/4 of the 1000 people who had attened were zombies. A group of black hawks came into vision, and the surviors who weren't backing the zombies off with chairs waved. The choppers flew over, and a door opened. A minigun came out, and the people were yelling for rescue.

Then it happened. The miniguns opened fire. The people and zombies were torn apart limb by the limb. Blood and guts of men, women and children splattered. No one was getting out...except the zombies who had not been hit in the head...

OOC: Remember, this is non canon.

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