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With elections just around the corner, President Gaunter and Prime Minister Williams have confirmed that they will not be registering their names on the ballot. Instead, they will be pursuing their well deserved retirements. After nearly 40 years of government service between them, and both approaching the retirement age of 65, they feel that new blood is required to keep the nation moving forwards. As it stands, with the current parliament, there are three main candidates for the presidency. The first, Andrew Jones, current Minister of Foreign Affairs, represents the interests of the more moderate ministers in parliament. Megan Powell-Cross, a relative newcomer to parliament, is hoping to gain the necessary support from like-minded conservative ministers. Finally, the expected victor according to our independent public opinion polls, Iestyn Conway, who will likely garner support from the political left.

*Classified government dispatch*

The Ormara project is running ahead of schedule. Habitation, runway, and docks completed. Command centre construction underway. Reactor installation within two weeks, defense systems by year's end. Admiral Peters reports industrial and commercial growth in Ormara town, and expects that goods could soon be purchased from local suppliers, cutting projected costs by 5% over the ten year outlook. Halcyon, Harrier, and Herald have all completed refitting, and recieved orders, along with their submarine escorts. Thus, project Overwatch has officially commenced, with nuclear power vessels being able to provide up-to-date information directly from locations in the Indian, South Pacific and Southern Oceans. Three D-class Corvettes sold to private contracters, now sailing under the names Javelin, Hotspur, and Kangaroo. This solution should reduce the annual cost of coastal defence by 15%, as well as freeing up our fleet for more pressing tasks. Air Force restructuring set to begin in three weeks, and projected completion and full operation within six months.

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The elections would be followed closely by the people of Australia--especially the intelligence community. There would be no interference--unless a candidate decided to advocate a policy considered harmful in any degree to the Queendom.

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[font="Courier New"]With the elections over with the minimum of fuss, something which most citizens are thankful for, Iestyn Conway is due to be sworn in as President in two weeks time. ALready rumours are circulating about his choice of cabinet ministers. The real money is on Siriol Bowen as Premier, as well as reappointing Andrew Jones to his current foreign affairs role.


Ormara Runway completed, control tower and RADAR installed. Base ready to recieve forces. To be deployed: 3,500 troopers, with detachments from Engineers, Armoured Corps, and 2nd Ranger Corps. Two short range fighter squadrons and three long range bomber aircraft will be permanantly stationed at Ormara, along with six observation aircraft. The naval task force comprising of the NSWSs Spur, Dart, Faithful, and Paladin shall be stationed at Ormara, and will conduct short range patrols radiating from the port.[/font]

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