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AA attempt sturs riots.


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Canfrutarn(IC:Name may be changed), Nos Tre Republic.

NTR news:

"We have only recently recieved news that a failed assasination attempt took place in the Dictators Palace. A V-1 flying bomb flew through the Dicatators open window before exploding inside, only moments after he left. The bomb destroyed many important trade deals and military information. The launcher has not been yet been identified. The second attempt took place seconds after the bomb went off. One of the Dicatators trusted Field Marshal, Gerald Heinness whipped out a pencil pistol and shot at him. The shot missed, and officers killed Heinness with four shots to the back. NTR is closing public entry into Canfrutan, and may change the name to confuse terrorsist. News Channel 6."

OOC: I may have just recently got that small bit of the californias, so I can finally post.

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