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Under New Managment

Zoot Zoot

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Barney Stone walked infront of the TV cameras at his first national and international address.

"Sauron and his Nine Lords were killed in an accident whilst on inspection.

General Alexander Stone became defacto president until he could find a replacment.

I was in the country, I went to him and did the interviews, filled in the forms... the only applicant.

Yesterday an FRG official supported my rise to power after a meeting with myself and General Stone in the Government buildings.

Im Barney Stone, former President of the Malvinian Islands, I survived the crash and was forced to escape to Antarctica where the evil Umbrella Corporation could not find me, the Corporation that laid my homeland to waste and glassed it down to a radioactive wasteland with help from the patriots, my long sworn enemies whom i fought hard to destroy at Goose Green.

I was wounded in the crash, my artificial leg, my artificial hand, my artificial eye, all of which are... trophys from past endevors in the service fo my nation.

I extend my selfless self to this country, and pledge to make it great, for its people to prosper and be happy.

I will not fail you.

I will protect you.

I WILL be the father to this growing country,

Men and women of New Eden, I am your President and I am at your service!"

Stepping back from the podium to take a quick sip of water before going back up to it.

"I will now be taking Questions, yes, you there?"

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