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The Thirteen Days of Christmas

Imperator Azenquor

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Yakutsk, Vauleo-Buryatia

*Christmas morning*

Despite the winter chill, the capital city was still abuzz with activity. Children ran in and out of nearby shops, while their parents trailed behind them, others gathered in Revolution Square near to the giant Christmas tree. The tree in Revolution Square had become a tradition in Vauleyo-Buryatia since the fall of Communism and was put up each year without fail.

Stores, offices, buildings and even the Parliament were decorated in celebration of the holiday. A large statue of Lenin near the center of the Square was not excluded, as some brave soul climbed to the top and placed a large Santa Hat on the statue to the amusement of passers-by.

The Royal Palace of Vauleyo-Buryatia had thrown open the gates in preparation for a large Christmas Party to be held in the evening. As servants rushed about hanging decorations and positioning tables, no one noticed as a lone figure in a cloak slipped past security and out of the Palace. The figure rushed past the gate and out into Revolution Square where he slowed to a brisk walk.

He checked once more to ensure that the cloak was still in place before he walked towards the shopping district, enjoying the ambiance and the Christmas Cheer. As he neared the tree in the center of the Square, he saw the statue of Lenin and couldn’t help but laugh:

“I bet Lenin would have found that counter-revolutionary!” he whispered quietly.

When he finally approached the large Christmas tree, he heard the booming voices of the Christmas Carolers and their rendition of ‘O Come All Ye Faithful’ as people in the crowd passed around what appeared to be a bottle of Vodka. He glanced around the Square and found the store he was searching for.

He quickly and inconspicuously slipped into the store and walked up to the counter. Fortunately, the store was nearly empty and no one recognized him as he removed the cloak. He leaned over the counter and whispered:

“Hello, we spoke earlier about the two custom gifts that I requested.”-???

The portly gentleman sitting behind the counter laughed for a bit then replied:

“Ah yes your Majesty. It was most difficult to get the first gift, but the second was quite simple.”

The man reached underneath the counter and produced a velvet case. He opened the case and turned it towards the Prince. In it was a Blue Diamond pendant in the shape of a snowflake. The Prince examined it for a moment, then handed the man a wad of cash.

“Thank you Grigori, you have once again outdone yourself”-Prince

“Thank you, Your Majesty”

As the Prince turned to leave, the store clerk finished counting the cash and said:

“Your Majesty, the necklace and the other gift only cost B$ 8000, and you have given me more than B$12,000.”

The Prince simply smiled and replied:

“Merry Christmas Grigori,” before he walked out of the store.


***The Trubachev Estate Petrograd, Vauleyo-Buryatia***

The Trubachev family sat around their Christmas Tree opening presents when a knock at the door distracted them. Yulia, the youngest child, rushed to the door and opened it. On the other side was a delivery man holding a large box, with holes poked into the top of it. After talking to the man, Yulia rushed back into the family room and stared at her older sister Sophie.

“Sophie, it’s for you”

Slightly surprised, Sophie hurried to the door and signed for the package. She put it down in the family room and tore through the box. Inside she was shocked to find a small pear tree. What was more shocking was that there was a small bird sitting on a branch near the top of the pear tree.

Before Sophie could process what it was, Yuli shouted:

“It’s a Partridge in a Pear tree!”

Attached to the tree was a small note which read:

Dearest Sophie,

On the first day of Christmas, I give to you a Partridge in a Pear tree



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On each of the days after the Partridge arrived, at exactly noon, a new package would arrive for Sophie. From French Hens, to Turtle Doves, the packages each came with a note attached.

***Day 5***

On the fifth day at noon, another package was delivered, this one smaller than the previous ones. Sophie opened the package to find five identical golden rings each with a sapphire stone. There were no inscriptions on any of the rings, but a short note was attached to them:

To: Sophie

On the fifth day of Christmas I give to you five golden rings

Intrigued, but slightly disturbed, Sophie wondered who this mysterious admirer was and more importantly how he would manage to ship eight maids a milkin' to her home. She knew one thing for sure, whoever this mysterious person was, he clearly had a large sum of cash at his disposal.

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OOC: I absolutely love this idea.

At first it looked like it was going to be yet another coup attempt, tbh, but I like this idea.

I look forward to seeing how the other days are handled. Not just the maids a milkin', but the ones that come after, too... ;)

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