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Times are a-changing

V The King

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A short, special documentary about Viniland by Rede Globo

For years the Libertarian Party, with Pasquale Bianchi at its helm as the Prime Minister of Viniland, governed the country. However, of out of all of those who preceded them, they were the ones who probably "governed" the least, per se. Massive downsizing in government agencies took place, most social programs had their scope greatly reduced or were scrapped altogether (particularly after Italians coming from Gebiv were generally deemed "integrated"), budgeting for the Vinilandese Armed Forces was slashed, virtually all farming or industrial subsidies terminated and law enforcement was eased. As a proportion of a country's productivity, Viniland had probably one of the smallest government budgets.

Tax rates were very low as well. On average citizens had to pay 10% of their earning - taxation was progressive, but the slope was fairly small; the smallest income-earners usually paid 5% whereas the top earners paid up to 25% - a bit higher in select cases. Combined with the very high productivity and education of a Vinilandese citizens, money was circulating around the economy like no tomorrow. Lax regulations and low taxing meant businesses had no trouble in setting up shop and with plenty of money in the pockets of consumers, new companies in most sectors flourished, particularly those belonging to construction (with an ever increasing population), research, clean energy production and space exploration. Prosperity seemed to have no end.


They see us rollin'...

However, in the last year, economic growth seemed to have come to a halt. GDP actually decreased by half a percent in the first quarter; a meager growth of .3% on each subsequent quarter followed; and the year is expected to end with another drop - projected at -.4%. Stock markets all over Viniland had seen a slow yet clearly visible drop in the values of shares; uncertain consumers were starting to hoard money, encouraging banks to decrease interest rates. With low rates expected to drop even further, few lending institutions were daring to hand out large sums of money, resulting in fewer people seeking to start up businesses. Of course, this all resulted in alarming job losses - the unemployment rate was an impressive 2% at the beginning of the year - now it was nearing 7% and growing. Those who were about to be fired turned to labor unions with little success - employers were very unwilling to negotiate higher wages and the last thing the central bank wanted to do was print more money and create inflation.

With few job prospects and no government support to rely on except a temporary unemployment subsidy - which was only enough to purchase the cheapest food available - most unemployed people became disillusioned with the status quo and formed their own political organizations while attempting to survive; Partido Popular da República (PPR) or Partito Popolare di Republicca pr People's Republican Party and begun protesting heavily.


People who have nothing better to do get !@#$@#$ pissed off for nothing

Another issue faced by Viniland was the increase of what has been dubbed "corporate gangsterism": in the face of little supervision and lax law enforcement, some wealthy individuals have taken upon themselves to blackmail, bribe, threaten and beat up business rivals. The violence quickly escalated near the courtrooms, with lawyers, judges and witnesses related to said gangsterism being targets of the violence as well. Now, the Vinilandese constitution grants the right to bear arms to any citizens over the age of 18 who is mentally sane and very few weapons are restricted - although pump-action shotguns and heavy-caliber pistols are the favorites, many households own assault rifles, sniper rifles, submachine guns and a few even have their own anti-aircraft emplacement in their roof. Thus, vigilance justice (militia justice from the standpoint of supporters) have taken a strong stand against corporate-sponsored gangs (although most of the times few know who are the men behind the gangs). But despite the actions of civilians, corporations have managed to maintain a strong hold in the courtrooms and law enforcement .

And now we come back to the PPR. Although "socialist" parties have hardly had any support in Viniland throughout its history, the Republicans (as they were dubbed) are receiving widespread support from those dissatisfied with unemployment and big-business control beyond businesses. The latest polls indicate that the PPR has the approval of roughly 28% of all Vinilandese citizens (margin of error + or - 5%), particularly in hard-hit Columbina and Alta Vancavite (where unemployment rates exceed 10%). Nova Coimbra, the wealthiest state, is still firmly Libertarian.

Elections are upcoming, and the domination of Viniland's politics by the Libertarian Party seems to be coming to an end.


Will Pasquale Bianchi hold his own?


Or will the leader of the People's Republican Party, Helô Silveira, ride on the dissent of the population and achieve victory?

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OOC: Yeah, haven't made a good ol' RP in a long time. School sucks.


News - People's Republican Party Announces Its Manifesto

After months of existence without having a coherent agenda, the PPR has finally agreed to a definite manifesto at the party's headquarters in central Nadrink - hence it has been dubbed the "Nadrink Manifesto". It goes as the following:


-Expand law enforcement and crack down on corporate gangsterism

-Increase taxes for the wealthy; steepen progressive taxation; Exempt poorest fifth of the population from most taxes.

-Revival of several social programs including the issuing of food stamps and provision of affordable housing to the needy as well as greatly increasing the funding for unemployment insurance and old-age pensions, as well as extending the length of those benefits.

-Enforce rent control during recessions and/or when homelessness rates shoot up

-Nationalize a percentage of major banking and financing companies

-Initiate major public projects (e. g. a bridge crossing the Georgia Strait) in order to relieve unemployment

-Restrict purchase and sale of assault rifles and other heavy-grade weapons

-Expand oil exploration in Nova Coimbra


-Expand the size of the Vinilandese Armed Forces; double the number of permanent soldiers by the end of a year, increase the Vinilandese Royal Navy by 10 vessels.

-Intensify military research

-Seek less isolationist policies; actively participate in American affairs, occasionally in world affairs

-Form military alliances with close allies (esp. American ones)

-Reinforce fortifications near major population concentrations and those by the coast

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