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Small Meeting


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Prime Minister Roger Smith, MoFA Dorothy Waynewright, MoD Colin Powell, and MoF Jack Neer quietly sat at a large table in the Grand Office.

"Where's my cousin and his friend, Powell?" asked Roger.

"They should be here in a min-"

Powell was interrupted by the entrance of two men, one wearing a black suit, the other wearing a white suit.

"Hello everyone," said the man in the black suit.

Roger quickly got up from his chair and gave the man in the black suit a warm hug.

"Shiznay! How're you doing?"

"Good. I'd like you to meet my former SecDef, Rusa MacNell."

Smith gave MacNell the once-over and then shook hands warmly with him. The three then went and sat down at the table.

"First things first," Smith said "Shiznay, how did Troina fall?"

"The terrorist group Department 5600 allied with the newly founded fascist party and and led a coup. We tried to fight them off, but they had agents in all of our military bases. Those agents set off massive bombs that killed a large part of our army. Anarchy soon ensued and MacNell and I were luck to escape to the UC colony with the help of Malvinian soldiers."

Waynewright, Powell, and Neer looked shocked at hearing the story.

"It wasn't soon after that your nation sprung up and we decided to come to Blue Heaven where we knew we'd be safe."

"I see," said Smith uneasily.

There was an awkward silence for a good minute or two.

"OK," said Smith nervously, "Now let's get to BH's foreign policy and national interests."

Dorothy spoke up. "Well, for the most part, we should maintain a non-interventionist foreign policy as to not get involved in other people's problems. God has blessed us to be in a very stable region of the world and therefore don't have much to worry about. When it comes to our national interests, we should be very intent on getting more advanced technology, making serious alliances with other nations, and securing oil for civilian and military use as we've only got something like 10 million barrels. And if the population growth prediction is correct, it'll only last us until early 2011."

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Now it was Powell's turn to speak up.

"When it comes to the defense of Blue Heaven, I think that the CAN is a great place to start due to the fact that the CAN nations are already situated and know the geopolitics of the continent well. When it comes to potential alliances, we should look at the Tahoe Republic, Viniland, and, possibly, New England, as they're all major players. Also Texas and Louisiana would be good to secure oil supplies for ourselves. I say maybe to New England because they're kind of far away, so it'd take a while for them to reach us in case anything happened."

"OK," Smith said. "We've already got someone to reach out to Louisiana, we just need someone to reach out to Texas. If we need to secure a major oil contract so that we'll be good through 2013. Now let's talk about the economy."

"Well, for the most part, the computer and agricultural industries are doing very well. I think that we need to invest in a new, innovative, all-around good operating system. All we need to do is research other nation's OSs and make ours better. Also we can begin exporting crops to places like that new nation, South Pole."

"But we must remember," said Dorothy, "going back to the oil, that the FPI has a blockade on Texas. I know that our trade with them will be over air but if we can work with Viniland and others that support and recognize Texas, and with Texas itself, we may be able to secure for ourselves a good amount of oil and also, not to mention, good global publicity."

Smith smiled.

"A-a-about the UC," Shiznay said quietly.

Smith looked over at his cousin. "Yes, what about them?"

"Well, they were close ally's to them and I'd hope that your government would share those sentiments."

"Of course! They seem like good, upright people.-- Say, how'd you like to be the special envoy to the UC?"

"I'd be delighted!"

"About special envoys," said MacNell "I met with the Zargathian and Australian military commanders, so I was wondering..."

"Yes, you'll be our special envoy to Zargathia and Australia. Now let's go do this press conference."

Everyone got up and left the Grand Office.

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The majority of the sentiment to the old Troina was one of neutrality. Promised Land had, before the merger, considered it an ally, and the government had considered them a friend, though many, civilians and soldiers alike, wondered at the true practicality of it.

The Hanseatic Commonwealth had been more focused inward, not having much of any kind of opinion.

However, the new Australin state, while not seeking out any more allies at this point, would not be simply rejecting diplomatic contact with those that reached out to it.

OOC: Not a statement, just a general description of the situation.

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