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Refugees Seek New Beginning


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MIDDLE EAST, December 4 -

Leader of a chain of refugee camps, Malar Mu'ayyad pushes to find a home in any available Middle Eastern protectorate.

"I have no wish for anyone to live like a refugee, however, I cannot see my people suffer the same fates from years ago." Mu'ayyad is desperately seeking international attention in the attempt to relocate four-hundred thousand refugees to a new, safe home. However, not only does Mu'ayyad want safety for the refugees, but he wishes to separate and found a new sovereign nation. Many skeptics doubt the survival of a new, "refugee" nation.

"It'll just bring the surrounding area down. Who's to say they wont end up right back where they started, and any funds given will just.. disappear. Its ridiculous," says Edward Fairbee, a journalist and avid researcher of the Middle Eastern region.

Nontheless, Mu'ayyad rallies the refugees in the central camp, Al Bayag, as those contained call it. He promises a new land, a new hope. "These people have been torn asunder by countless calamities: War, disease, hunger, just to name a few. They need salvation," Mu'ayyad explains, "If another sovereign nation has any interest, we'll work things out. To assuage any fears, we are not violent, we are not criminals. We are human beings, just trying to wake up the next morning."

Conditions in the camps are abominable. Bloated children idly roam shanty alleys, just wide enough for their frail bodies. Drugs and fear are rampant among the refugees. Scarred individuals struggle to eat. Even so, the refugees are hopeful.

"We trust in the world, see? Help comes from many good people, but it still is not enough. There are good people. We await our turn to join [them]," Salim Hassan, 33, a refugee in Al Bayag.

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The Kingdom of Cochin offers assistance to Malar Mu'ayyad and his people. The Kingdom does not control any territory in the Middle East, however we do have significant influence in our Cochin Mongolian Protectorate to the North East of our Kingdom. If your people choose to accept it, the Kingdom can facilitate your settlement there. You can establish yourselves as a sovereign nation with preferential trade relations with the Kingdom.

In the short term you are welcome to come to Bosaso, our territory in Somalia, where your people may be provided food, shelter and medical assistance. We cannot however offer you any airlifting of supplies as Middle East as a region is under control of two sovereign nations, the Rebel Army and Novak.

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Umbrella Corps response.

"We are in control of a Protectorate of moderate size in Antarctica, we can have build special homes for the climate and regular supply convoys into the Cities on the coast due to its resources for fish and water, all other commedties however big and small can be delivered.

Moreover, we can and will, loan this land to you until your Nation either collapses, relocates or is crushed in conflict.

The terms of the agreement are:

*Should you wish to give the land up, it returns to Umbrella Corp Protectorate status.

*Any conflict your Nation is involved with, does NOT bounceback and cause war for the Malvinian Territories.

*Any illegal wars or warcrimes insitgated by your Nation will result in Umbrella Corp security Services and armed forces intervening and removing you from power, and the land returns to Protectorate Status.

examples of illegal warand warcrimes are as follows:

1-war without reason

2-imperialism apon another sovreign Nation

3-acts of terrorism.


5-war rape

6-use of chemical weapons against civilian centres.

You are not obliged to any treaties with Umbrella Corporation and are NOT obliged to obey our laws.

you would be a free sovreign nation with plenty of space to develop, Antarctica isnt as bad as people make out.


Albert Wesker


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After many proposed plans of action, Mu'ayyad consulted many of the family leaders in the camps. He then found news reporters connected internationally to give his decision.

"To all who have opened hearts: Any contributions made were received with gracious smiles. Miracles are witnessed every day as my people slowly recover from the deep afflictions caused by various elements. Two promising offers have been proposed- One in Asia, the other in Antarctica- and an action has been decided. After long consideration, the people find the Asian Region more suitable. Still, we will be undergoing great change, but the climate of Antarctica is simply too much to bear.

I, Malar Mu'ayyad, will be the last one on the transports to this new land, and I will see to it that no one is left behind. We are a scattered people, but of varied qualities. We have school teachers, architects, workers, scholars, even. We are different, but united through strife. Surely, we will learn from those around us in the International community.

Peace be upon you."

Mu'ayyad has already prompted many refugees to begin packing necessary supplies for the journey ahead.

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The people of Agrion are welcome in the RA's protectorate region in Afghanistan if they so desire. Regardless of where your people settle, we offer to aid you in any way necessary, whether it be with resources, finances, education, and technology.

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Puzzled, the Leader of the Refugee camps is without a doubt in his first sticky situation. Early today, Malar Mu'ayyad announced to the press that he had made his decision, but he now speaks with many leaders of the camp privately.

The prospect of staying at home, in their own region is quite appealing to the people in the camps.

"The most terrifying thing, I think, is not knowing what we will do. I suppose, truly, that we are at least a little more used to moving than most- being in these camps. But the thought of many of us travelling again does scare me," reports Khalid Mushtaf, a married man.

Rumors spread through Al Bayag that perhaps Mu'ayyad is withdrawing from his previous decision. Naysayers in international communities believe this move to be evidence of Mu'ayyad's poor leadership skills. Any reporters that have attempted to speak with Mu'ayyad have been shunned away by a group of men and women, protecting the small community building for the time being.

"See, this is just what we were talking about. What will happen when his people want vengeance? Will he stand up with or against? He has no regard for political protocol," argues a reporter.

However, many, if not all refugees feel confident in their leader's capability.

"I know I can trust him, yes. [Laughter]. He is a good man, and he wants the best for us. Months ago, I could not have dreamt this a possibility. It is all very exciting," Ikraam Najar, a thirty-seven year old women claims.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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