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Problem with link offer submission


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I tried to use the link offer on http://legoman.pbworks.com/About-the-Creators , a site i have, but the site was denied twice with just a form letter -

Subject: Link Offer Denied

Message: Your recent link offer request has been reviewed and denied. This could mean that the link that you created pointing to http://www.cybernations.net did not work, was not accessible, the game moderators could not locate the link on your site, the link was not placed on a webpage of substance, or there was some other problem with your link. In the future please make sure to follow the proper link offer format by submitting an openly accessible and working link on a webpage of substance that points to http://www.cybernations.net.

I am still new to the game and would like the cash from the link offer, even though it is not that much. If anyone can clue me in on why it might have been denied, I would greatly appreciate it.

(it is a small horizontal banner around the middle of the page - the one with hands shaking that says Cybernations - Make peace or war - on it)

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