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Republic of Nanyang

Angela Spencer

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*Message from Nanjing, PRC Protectorate*

We, the people of Nanyang, wishes to establish a republic within all former Palintine territory south of the Yangtze. We humbly ask the People's Republic of China to grant us this wish.

OOC: Rerolling. As you can see from my IG nation, I've already moved my capital, which covers the land mentioned above with the exception of Hainan.

In case there is a confusion of territories, south of the Yangtze would include the southern part of Jiangsu (specifically Nanjing, Zhenjiang, Changzhou, Wuxi, and Suzhou) and all of Shanghai excluding Chongming county.

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We ask what PRC means by "vote of the people of Nanyang". Since we are the people of Nanyang, why is there a need for a vote?

OOC: Are you saying I have to go through two rounds of voting?

OOC: Yes. two rounds of voting.

IC: "You are the leaders, unless you have a 75% of backing from the people and at least 70% of international support shall we leave this land "

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