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2 repeating 3x3 tech deals


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This can benefit everyone involved. In an effort to combat the constant ______ over I get from ______ tech dealers, I've decided to go back to my 3x3 deals that I used to set up.

The idea is this: find 10 people (besides me) that I can constantly do 3x3's with. Every 10 days, you send tech or money to the same person. I send out messages on the 9th day reminding people or sending a status update saying that we need to hold it off a day because someone was late the week before.

I keep stats on who is late, and there's a "three strikes your out" policy. If you are a day late on your tech or money, it sets everyone else a day behind and reduces efficiency. Doing that three times will get you nixxed from the deal and replaced. Strikes are removed once every 2 successful tech deals you make, so it's a pretty lenient policy. You don't have to be perfect, but damnit, you have to be better than my normal "2 or 3 or 4 out of every long term tech deal goes bad before I get all 100 tech" that I'm getting used to...

You are welcome to leave the deal immediately after any successful tech deal, of course.

So, this will be updated as people sign up for the Stalwart organized long term 3x3s.

Alpha group:

Buyer1A (sends to Seller1A): Stalwart

Buyer2A (sends to Seller2A): DarkSon

Buyer3A (sends to Seller3A): Spankthefrank

Seller1A (sends 50 tech to both Buyer2A and Buyer3A): deleted

Seller2A (sends 50 tech to both Buyer1A and Buyer3A): deleted

Seller3A (sends 50 tech to both Buyer1A and Buyer2A): deleted

Bravo group:

Buyer1B (sends to Seller1B): Stalwart

Buyer2B (sends to Seller2B): losinglife

Buyer3B (sends to Seller3B): concordokkened

Seller1B (sends 50 tech to both Buyer2B and Buyer3B): KingofThe210

Seller2B (sends 50 tech to both Buyer1B and Buyer3B): Arctic commander

Seller3B (sends 50 tech to both Buyer1B and Buyer2B): Jason Almond


edit: also, be ready to enter the tech deal by the END OF OCTOBER (November 1st is my goal) if you sign up.

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