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T Minus 13 minutes


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OOC language with IC news: The Americans are going to nuke me in 13 minutes... sighs

The Polish citizenry and government as well as 50,000 troops are ordered by civil defence radio into Mount Warsawa, the finished underground city of Poland. food provisions have been laid for a maximum of 5 years at the population maximum of 1 million inhabitants. only about 125,000 members will reach the bunker. these young men and women represent the next hope of Poland.

The massive blast doors will seal in 2 minutes time

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IC: A radio address is released from the city to the outside world, the voice of the Duke is heard:

"I hope my fellow citizens that you note the traitorous actions of the Americans and I hope she will pay for the destruction of a sovereign land."

OOC: You don't get to know that you are going to get nuked until he says so ICly.

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OOC: I planned on the activation of Mount Warsawa in fear of the actions you might take here and so in announcement of his actions be they OOC or IC I acted appropriately to them.

OOC: Speaking of Mount Warsawa, that's also BS. You RP'd starting it yesterday. The thigns you detailed don't get built in 15 days.

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OOC: hm, past my deadline.

IC: **Classified**

In addition to the two nukes prepared, another eight were readied for launch.


  • Warsaw, Poland
  • Minsk, Belarus
  • Krakow, Poland
  • Brest, Belarus
  • Gdansk, Poland
  • Poznan, Poland
  • Lodz, Poland
  • Mahilyow, Belarus

Launch Code

Warsaw: 386493
Minsk: 5830274
Krakow: 948302
Brest: 119503
Gdansk: 0909432
Poznan: 4839535
Lodz: 1337666
Mahilyow: 549394

Codes accepted.


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OOC: He seems to have rage quit.

IC: Poland is now under the occupation of America, until such a time that a new government may rise.

On a related note, we regret to announce that terrorists infiltrated a high-security military compound launched ten nuclear weapons at Polish and Belorussian cities. The offenders have been caught and await trial. Fortunately, KRYPTON has managed to lock onto the nuclear missiles en route to Poland and engage a defensive maneuver to deal with the nukes before they strike. Results to follow.

OOC: Meaning it's mine, but new RPers can have it if they want. I don't need European land.

Edited by Drakedeath
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