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Aid canceled for cheating


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I hope this is the right place. I debated where to put it, but its not abuse or anything.

I'm just wondering what cheating took place?

A guy in my alliance (Nation: Scotland, Ruler: maotsetung) received some aid from a guy who is no longer in our alliance. The Cheating message just caught my attention and I was unsure of what happend as maotsetung doesn't know either and the former member is not talking to us.

heres the write up from the foreign aid page

9/3/2007 2:28:52 PM

"Financial Assistance"

São Paulo

Ruler: ADias

Alliance: =LOST=


Ruler: maotsetung

Alliance: =LOST= $0

5 Tech

10 Soldiers

Canceled For Cheating

the 10 soldiers is a little fishy, so I thought he may have been trying to get around the "no dismissing troops after an atack" rule.

Please inform so we can make sure something like this doesn't happen by accident. We just need to know what "it" is?

thanks...again, sorry if in wrong place.

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