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An EPIC Update

Lord Boris

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Embattled Primarchy of Independent Citizens

Official Dispatch

Change of Protectors

Last night, I was informed by the head of diplomatic relations of TPF that our request for protected status was approved. We thank TPF for their generosity and for the way they handled an issue with one of their members who had launched attacks on EPIC.

With that, the protection extended by CDT in our DoE thread has come to pass. We thank CDT for their support in our formative days.

Change of Team Color

With the change in protectors, EPIC will be in the process of transitioning to the white team. While we have nothing against those on blue, we feel that being on the same team as our protectors is the best thing for our alliance.

Policy Clarification

While EPIC does allow raids, we have a few points of policy on how we do it.

1. No raiding white team nations

2. Raids against nations with alliance affiliations are done at the raiders expense. If the AAs in question decide to take revenge for the raid, the member in question bears sole responsibility, and shall accept the retribution given as a learning lesson. The member in question shall not receive support from the alliance.

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