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Buryatia holds elections

Imperator Azenquor

Buryatia Elections  

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Candidate Roster:

Party List:

Party of Labor (PoL) – Left, 21st century Socialism with Buryatian Principles

Democratic Party of Buryatia (DPB) – Economic Liberal, Centrist

Buryatia Liberation Party (BLP) – Nationalist, Social Conservative

Party of Workers (PoW)- Left of center, Communism

Presidential Candidates:

Dr. Natalya Zhukova (BLP)

Mr. Aleksandar Altan-enkh (DPB)

Mr. Naranbatariin Ivaanjav (PoW)

Ms. Katerina Rokossova (PoL)

"Voting has started across Buryatia, and the results are expected to be tabulated as early as tonight. The Buryatian Electoral Commission is expecting a turnout of nearly 89% of eligible voters and has taken steps to ensure that there will be minimal delays ahead of the polls. BCNA will provide updates on the results as soon as we receive them from the Provincial Electoral Authorities."

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Election Update:

"With 8% of the vote counted,Aleksandar Altan-enkh of the DPB has a slight lead over the other candidates for the Presidency. In the Parliamentary votes, the Democratic Party of Buryatia is in a dead heat with the Buryatian Socialist Alternative. Further updates will come as soon as we get them"

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