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Are you tired of the old day to day grind of Cybernations Tournament Edition? Are you interested in an alliance where your opinion counts and you do not have to simply follow the decisions of a dictator? If so, then The Experience is for you.


We offer:

- The right of members to vote on all treaties and declarations of war.

- Defense from attacks from hostile nations and attacks

- The chance to have your opinion really count.

If you are interested, please check us out at:


and change your Alliance Affiliation to The Experience.

This is our charter:

Charter of The Experience



The purpose of The Experience is to give its member nations a comfortable and safe place to grow their nations in Cybernations Tournament Edition. The Experience will be apolitical and predominately peaceful, preferring to refrain from aggressive international conference.


Any nation can be a member of The Experience provided that the nation’s ruler is not already a member of another alliance and is not currently under attack by another alliance for crimes against them such as spying, rogue attacks, or misconduct leading to expulsion from that alliance.

To become of member of The Experience, a nation ruler must post a thread in the Application forum giving their:

Nation Name:

Ruler Name:

Nation Link:

Member Conduct:

Members are free to conduct their nations as they say fit as long as they do not infringe upon the ability of another member of The Experience to govern their nations or put the safety of The Experience in jeopardy. Members of The Experience do not have to belong to a particular sphere and are encouraged to belong to any sphere on which they can find trades. Members of The Experience are also free to vote for any Team Senate candidate on any sphere that they choose to vote for.

Military Conduct:

The Experience will refrain from engaging in any aggressive alliance wars unless the alliance in question has actually committed a grave offense against The Experience and The Experience has officially declared war. In the event that a member of The Experience or the alliance as a whole comes under attack, the members of The Experience are required to come to the defense of the nations under attack as soon as is possible.

Members of The Experience are free to engage in individual wars for profit (“tech raids”) provided that they are either attacking nations that are not in an alliance or nations that are in an alliance that is less than half of the size of The Experience in terms of total nation strength and nation count.

Governing of the Experience:

The government of The Experience will consist of the Coordinator of The Experience and his or her co-Coordinators. The Coordinator shall have the power to appoint as many or as few co-Coordinators as s/he feels is necessary and the co-Coordinators shall have the power to appoint as many or as few deputies as they feel are needed.

The Coordinator and the co-Coordinators shall be in charge of the day to day decision making in the alliance and shall have the power to make executive decisions. However, they shall not have the power to make treaties, declare war, amend the Charter, or disband The Experience without the consent of the Members of the Experience.

The Members of the Experience shall give their consent through the following voting process:

1. The Coordinator or co-Coordinator that is advancing a policy posts a thread in The Experience’s private discussion chamber detailing the policy and the reasons why the policy is needed.

2. The Coordinator and/or co-Coordinator answer questions from the membership of The Experience about the policy in question.

3. After a discussion period of two days (48 hours), a two day (48 hour) voting period begins.

4. All members of The Experience have the opportunity to vote and if a majority of The Experience members that voted were in favor of the policy, the policy is enacted.

Amending the Charter and Disbandment

Any member of The Experience may propose amendments to this charter. New amendments to the charter will be ratified if the Coordinator, a majority of the co-Coordinators, and the Membership of The Experience, agree that it would be a valuable addition to the charter.

The procedure that is used to amend the charter must also be used to disband The Experience or merge it into another alliance.

Edited by Duncan King
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