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Buryatia requests meeting with Slavorussia

Imperator Azenquor

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The government of Buryatia requests a meeting with a representative from the Slavorussian Empire to discuss the fate of the territory previously administered by the government of Yacrania in the aftermath of the war.

Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Putin will represent Slavorussia at the meeting. His plane should have already landed.

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Slavorussia’s Deputy Premier is ushered into a meeting at the Zhukov Tower in central Yakutsk. On the table before him is a map of Yacrania. Without wasting any time Buryatia’s Foreign Minister begins:

“Welcome Deputy Prime Minister Putin, I have asked you here to speak with you about the territory that constitutes the former Yacrania. As you are no doubt aware, the territory was previously administered under a joint protectorate by the Hanseatic Commonwealth and the United Kingdom of Buryatia. We recognize that the situation leading up to the end of the government in Yacrania was as a result of the war waged against Slavorussia, but we also recognize that upon the dissolution of the Yacranian government, the territory would, under normal circumstances revert completely to the Joint Protectorate.

As such Buryatia proposes that the territory of Yacrania be divided into two separate protectorate zones, one administered by Slavorussia and the second administered by Buryatia. The map here outlines a draft of such a proposal.”-FM Onatopp


-Map showing proposal for Buryatian controlled zone (Red) and Slavorussian controlled zone (gold)

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Looking down at the map Vladimir shakes negatively. He crosses his arms and lets out a silent sigh and replies, “The Yacranians know that they‘ve lost the war already. Their quick defeat in the Kara, and their eventual defeat at Vorkuta will leave them open for the counter invasion. Until we’ve secured the whole country and arrested their leaders we can’t make any definite plans.”

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