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Martial Law Ended

Buenos Aires - Following several weeks of events the new Empress has officially ended the Martial Law that was in effect and ended all elements of it with the exception of the new punishments for certain crimes. Meanwhile the normal state returns to the streets and schools have reopened. In addition the Minister of Internal Affairs has announced several projects including the implementation of holographic technology on governmental level and making all new houses consist of computers linked to a central database in effect providing free internet for anyone in the cities. In the countryside soldiers have already begun setting up special stations for people to get food if they needed something which was already done in the cities.

**Military Movements**

It was obvious things had to change in Bringdom as such the government had agreed upon a reunification of ancient lands belonging to several provinces. In light of this decision 20,000 soldiers moved into the lands to slowly take it over. While this operation would take long it would provide stability in one of the 2 remaining conflict zones and stop the crime.

Liberation of Bringdom

Buenos Aires - Following several months of anarchy in Bringdom after the fall of the government the Imperial Union has decided to commence a humanitarian operation and liberate the area from the warlords that kept it down. The area will be integrated into the Imperial Union and build up to equal the technological level of the rest of the Imperial Union.

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Buenos Aires Announces New Curristan Policy

Buenos Aires - Following increased human rights violations in the Communist controlled Curristan the Army has ordered 2 divisions of 10,000 soldiers each to be placed at the few remaining borders, these will serve to protect Imperial sovereignty and safely get any refugees out of the dictatorship. After arrival the forces will set up encampments and artillery units. Further information such as exact positions and weaponry is still declared classified but the spokesperson has stated the borders will be secure against the Communist threat. In addition as all shared borders are over rivers the bridges have been armed with explosives. With the Air Force and navy having already increased patrols and the bill to block all trade passed independent sources have judged this an absolute low in Curristan-Imperial relations over the last 10 years.

A Story from Bringdom

Santiago, Former Bringdom – “They came out of nowhere”, a statement made by many victims of the Anarchy over the last few weeks we have interviewed several people from the former Bringdom today we bring one of the many stories that of Katrina Gonzales, before the fall of the government she was a wealthy woman with a husband and 2 children, one still infant, today she is alone forced to beg on the streets to pay for the food she so desperately needs for herself and her 1 year old. Her husband and oldest daughter? Killed or lost in the raids.

“We weren’t rich but we could survive we earned well over 2000 Imperial Dollars per month and we were happy. When the government fell all changed, one night they came out of nowhere and wanted to take Anna my husband tried to stop them but… He was outnumbered they beat him to death because a bullet was too expensive. I was at the point of ending my life but then a nice soldier came. If it wasn’t for the liberation I don’t know what would have happened”

Katrina and many others like her have been registered in a new central database, while Buenos Aires is regularly sending supplies the amount needed is just not sufficient to keep them off the streets.

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