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World Tour of Dudz Douglass


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From the desk of Dudz Douglass

Foreign Minister of the glorious republic of New Andromeda

To: all world leaders

Dear World Leaders,

Sup all, it's your main man Dudz Douglass here to promote my new world tour and stuff. Like President Cruz keeps complaining that our country isn't as revered in the world as it is back at home, so I'm like "hey pres I can go make a world tour with my comedy act, maybe that will make people like us more."

So then President Cruz was like "Woah man you just blew my mind with your awesomeness right there, of course you can do that!" So now I just need you leaders to sign up for this tour. If you don't I might just show up anyway and bug you until you let me in. Hope to hear from you all soon.

May the force be with you everyone,

Dudz Douglass

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