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The Really Big Writing Accords


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The Really Big Writing Accords

Article I.

Top Gear and New England agree to sign this treaty to promote friendship, to provide economic prosperity for both nations, and to ensure that big titles are always used for their nations on a map.

Article II.

Any and all intelligence that may expose a security threat to either nation must be shared.

Article III.

Free trade, meaning importing and exporting of goods between both nations without tariffs, as well as open borders between both nations, is to be enacted as a condition of this treaty.

Article IV.

If either nation is attacked by another nation, the nation not under attack is not obliged, but strongly encouraged to assist the other signatory.

Article V.

If either nation engages in an aggressive war against another nation, the other nation is highly encouraged, but not required, to aid the attacking nation in every way possible.

Article VI.

If either nation wishes to cancel this treaty, a 96 hour notification period is required.

Signed for Top Gear

King of Pixels, Overlord, Emperor, and Demi-God of Top Gear; TheStig

Prime Minister; Jeremy Clarkson

First Lady; Top Gear Dog

Secretary of State; Richard Hammond

Gay Pride President; James May

Signed for the Republic of New England

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, President

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