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Nice Neighbor Treaties


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President Magnimer wrote letters to the Mississippi Confederation, the Republic of New England, and to Ardoria.

"Hello neigboring nation,

We have interest in better establishing relations and opening of trade with our neigbors. Over the course of recent events, we have fallen out of relations with our neighbors and we wish better with our neigbors. We submit the following draft for your consideration:


The Tennessee Federation and [your nation name here], hereby enter into a pact of defense and optional aggression.

Article I. Non Aggression

The undersigned nations hereby agree to non-aggression. Neither nation will engage in military or undercover operations against the other.

Article II. Free Trade

New England and the Confederacy hereby agree to free trade between their nations. All goods traded between the two nations are exempt from tariffs.

Article III. Mutual Defense

The undersigned nations agree to enter into mutual defense. An attack upon one signatory will be considered an attack upon both, and will be treated as such.

Article IV. Optional Aggression

In the event that one signatory engages in an offensive war against a third party, the other signatory is given the option to attack with them. While not required, it is encouraged.

Article V. Cancellation

This treaty can be terminated by either signatory at any time, provided that the other nation is made aware of the cancellation 96 hours in advance. This treaty is considered to still be in effect until the 96 hours is up.

I personally hope that we can have peace and friendship in our future!!

Thank you,

President of Tennessee,


OOC: Just sign here and I will put each individual treaty in a topic so it can be easily referenced. Also, if you have individual concerns, that can go here too. Thanks!!

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A package from Ardoria is returned with the following inside:

Article I - Sovereignty

Each of the nations bearing a signature on this treaty hereby declares that they will uphold the values and honor of said signatories’ sovereignty. They agree not to invade, interfere in internal affairs, or oppress the other signatory that partakes in this treaty.

Article II - Intelligence

Each signatory of this treaty agree to share any relevant intelligence amongst one another if said information pertains a possible threat to the sovereignty of any signatory. The information is to be shared privately unless the signatories with which the intelligence has been shared with agree to release the information to the public.

Article III - Economic Assistance

Each signatory agrees to provide economic assistance to the other signatories should it ever be needed. All signatory ports are open to military and civilian vessels of the other signatories during peace time and during war. To promote commerce and trade each signatory agrees to lower or eliminate tariffs on specific goods.

Article IV - Mutual Defense

The signatories of this treaty agree that in the event of a foreign party actively pursuing hostile actions against any signatory, the other signatories will be obligated to defend the attacked signatory with full military support.

Article V - Optional Military Assistance

In the event one of the signatories of this treaty actively uses military actions against a third party, the other signatory has the option to assist the signatory military, logistically, and diplomatically.

Article VI - Withdrawal

If any of the signatories decide that they wish to leave the alliance created by this treaty they must give the other signatories a 24-hour (OOC: RL Time) notice beforehand of their leaving, and then publicly declare that they are no longer bound by this treaty. After the 24-hour period elapses, the signatory will no longer be bound by this treaty.


For the United Republic of Ardoria

President Nathan Briar

Foreign Minister Thomas Dale

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President Kennedy and his Secretary of State, upon receiving the letter from Tennessee, put in his signatures and sent it back.

Signed for the Republic of New England,

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, President

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Secretary of State

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