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"You have entered a link to a website that the administrator does not allow links to"

Heracles the Great

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I'm currently updating a thread here and all links within the post are to the Nations of rulers who signed up (i.e. all links go to www.cybernations.net) however I'm getting that error code. I just spent the last hour trying to update this post and I can't figure out which link is giving hte error.

Any ideas what's going on?

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The error keeps coming back everytime I edit the OP - it's basically

[center][b]Sign Up Form[/b]
[b]Nation Ruler:[/b]
[b]Nation Link:[/b]
[b]Resource 1:[/b]
[b]Resource 2:[/b]
[b]Preferred Circle:[/b]
[b]Need Uranium?[/b][/center]

With the "/center" disappearing each time and being replaced with </div>

Which I then replace with the proper code to close the center tag.

That part has been fixed, but I'm not seeing where else there is an error in the code and the only thing I added with this edit were links as I added new participants

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