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King Death II

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Building border walls helps your environment. The National Environment Office wonder also improves environment.

Border Walls - $60,000.00 - Decreases citizen count -2%, increases population happiness +2, Improves environment +1. (Does not affect Global Radiation levels) Border Walls may only be purchased one at a time.
National Environment Office - $100,000,000 - The national environment office removes the penalties for Coal, Oil, and Uranium when a nation imports them, improves environment by 1 point, increases population +3%, and reduces infrastructure upkeep -3%. Requires 13,000 infrastructure.
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Ok well then I was looking at the other nations around my NS and their nations had around 3 - 4k land and I have 1.5k. Would purchasing another 2k land really make that much of a difference for my environment? And would buying that much land outweigh the benefits of buying 500 infra? Also would having a 6 for my environment instead of 10, make that much of a difference for daily collections?

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