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Marshal Malan speaks!


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Emblem of the Republican Military Government


Field Marshal Petrus Malan, Commander-in-Chief of the Republican Military Government of Transvaal, announced this morning that Transvaal’s technological level had now reached its pre-Karma War levels.

“Today is further proof of the Republican Military Government’s commitment to the reconstruction and resurgence of the Republic of Transvaal. With this victory in the technological sector a reality, our resources and manpower can now be redirected into the reconstruction of our damaged infrastructure. In the coming days our nation will begin to see the benefits of our eurocentric immigration policy and a welcome shift in our nation demographics as our Anglo-Afrikaner state is buttressed with refugees from the Western European nations seeking a new life of prosperity and peace in Southern Africa” said the Field Marshal during his weekly broadcast on RadioTransvaal.

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"We congratulate Marshal Malan on his efforts to bring stability and prosperity in Transvaal and South Africa as a whole. To enhance our ammiration and respect, the italian Military Provisional Government confered Marshal Petrus Malan the title of "Padre della Patria" ad honorem (from latin "Pater Patriae", in english: Father of the Fatherland)." Italian Ambassador Vittorio Cerretti commented on behalf of the italian Military Provisional Government. On another note, the Minister of Corporate Economy and Trade, Angelo Tarchi, renewed its efforts to preserve the economic partnership between Italy and Transvaal.

Edited by Junio Borghese
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"Field Marshal Malan thanks the Italian people under the wise and benevolent leadership of Junio Borghese for their expression of fraternal well-wishes with our nationalist bretheren. May the trading and cultural axis established between Rome and Pretoria be further strengthened for the future."


- statement from the Republican Military Government

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The Republican Military Government announced this morning that due to recent immigration from Western Europe, the total number of white citizens reached has reached an all-time high of 33% of the total population. Pre-war demographics had the number of whites in the nation at 20% of the total number of citizens.

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