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We are The Super Team of Dueling also known as The STD.

We would just like you to check out our forums and come and chat. Whether that be to join up or to just be a diplomat. We want to have a fun time and we hope you do too. Come and chill at the Forums or even the IRC channel at #STD.

I. Table of Contents

II. Government Organization

III. Application for Membership

IV. Declaring War

V. Charter Amendments

II. Government Organization

A) The Triumvir

1) Minister of Security

a) Controls the Barracks, anything military, and The Bank

b ) Is in charge of finding generals, making and/or filing guides, the Academy, and writing Declarations of War.

c) In charge of setting dates for tech raids and giving nations that applied Tech Raiding Permits

d) Signature Needed for: DoWs, MDPs, MA/DPs

e) May pass legislature (amendments/changes in charter, etc.) with the agreement of the Committee of Internal Affairs

f) Has a two month term

2) Minister of Internal Affairs

a) Controls Recruitment, Publicity, and the Committee of Internal Affairs.

b Signature Needed for: NAPs, MDPs, MA/DPs

c) In charge of scheduling elections for the Committee of Internal Affairs.

d) May pass legislature (amendments/changes in charter, etc.) with the agreement of the Committee of Internal Affairs

e) Has a two month term

3) Minister of Foreign Affairs

a) Controls foreign embassies, masking foreign ambassadors, and finding diplomats to other alliances

b Signature Needed for: NAP, MDPs, MA/DPs, DoWs

c) May pass legislature (amendments/changes in charter, etc.) with the agreement of the Committee of Internal Affairs

d) Has a two month term

b Other Government ministries

1) The Committee of Internal Affairs

a) Consists of 5 global moderators

b Has the ability to veto actions by any minister with a 4/5 vote.

c) Has last say in any instance the Charter is broken

d) Has a one month term

e) In the instance a CIA member leaves, the MoIA will choose a member to replace him/her

f) Under a 5/5 vote with 75% of the general assembly backing, the CIA may impeach a Minister. In this case elections would be held immediately for a new one

g) 3/5 Signatures needed for DoWs

2) General Assembly

a) Everyone in the alliance is part of the General Assembly.

b The General Assembly may petition for a veto on any legislature, propose new amendments to the charter, and call for an impeachment with a 75% vote.

III. Applying for the Super Team of Dueling

A) Application

1) A new member may not be in any preexisting wars with other nations. This is to protect the well being of STD.

2) New members must post their nation leader, nation strength, a link to their nation, if they are involved in any wars, and how and who they found out about the alliance from.

b Duties of a Super Team of Dueling Member

1) Stay Active

2) Don’t attack whowever you like. In the instance you have the “7 year itch†to attack someone, please apply of a Tech Raiding Permit in the Barracks.


C) Removal of Membership

1) Posting a resignation

2) If it is said by the STD community that a member is disobeying the rules, flaming other members, or giving STD a bad name, it may be reported to the Committee of Internal Affairs, where a decision on what will happen to this member will be made. This ranges from nothing happening at all to being banned, and everything in between.

IV. War

A) Declaring War

1) War can be declared one of three ways:

a) The Minister of Security or Minister of Internal Affairs may declare war on an inside force such as a ghosting nation.

b The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Security may declare war on an outside nation.

c) With the agreement of the three Ministers and a 3/5 vote from the Committee of Internal Affairs and as long as no treaties are broken with other alliances war may be declared with another alliance.

e) In the instance that a treaty need to be followed (such as an MDP), the Super Team of Dueling will do as asked from their allies to the best of their ability.

b Tech Raiding Permits

1) Tech Raiding Permits may be applied for in the correct forums in the Ministry of Security.

2) A Permit is good for one raid on the said nation applied for.

3) Tech Raiding permits may also be submitted for a group of people in the instance there have been raiding parties formed.

C) Diplomacy

1) To avoid war, it is the Minister of Foreign affairs and STD Diplomats duties to have peaceful negotiations with alliances in the instance if a rogue nation.

2) In the instance of an STD rogue nation, the Minister of Security and/or Minister of Internal Affairs will begin negations talks with the attacked alliance

V. Amendments to the Charter

A) Amendments may be submitted by any member

b ) For an Amendment to pass it needs:

1) 75% approval from the General Assembly

2) 3/5 Agreement from the Committee of Internal Affairs

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