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Love thy Neighbor


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Announcement from the Republic of New England

The Department of Defense has announced that the Nineteenth Division has been ordered to move into the region that was the Jersey Republic. We are aware we have an ODP with our neighbor, the Jersey Republic, and that the aforementioned nation was under the protection of our ally and friend, the Tahoe Republic. But for a long while, we had noticed that there were virtually no communications coming into and from the Jersey Republic, which had brought up the frightening possibility that the government may have collapsed in some way or another. And so, we have decided to occupy the area as to reestablish peace, law and order – like we have done so many times before – and to prevent anarchy before it happens. We do not want our neighbor to languish in anarchy, and so we are doing something about that.

OOC: The Jersey Republic has been purged from the map, Wilson hasn’t posted in the CNRP forums for some time now, and the 20-day inactivity period has passed, so…

Also, if this thread is not proper or objectionable (or anyone objects to it), I can declare this thread null and void (or ask a GM to do so). :ph34r:

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After several hours, the Nineteenth Division entered the capital of Trenton and other major cities, including Newark and Altantic City, without meeting any resistance. Soon, a provisional government was established in Trenton as Army soldiers re-imposed peace, law, and order. Discussions are ongoing in the National Assembly regarding the status of New Jersey; some members wanted New Jersey to become a protectorate, others wanted the region to become a Territory of New England.

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OOC: did you PM Mudd?

IC: Promised Land sees no reason why Tahoe should object to this move.

OOC: Yes, I did. ;)


After intense debate, the National Assembly had decided that in the best interests of New England, New Jersey, and the North American continent as a whole, it was preferable to establish a Protectorate in the region as opposed to annexing the region as a Territory or a State.

And so, the New Jersey Protectorate Status Act was passed and signed into law. The Act officially established the Protectorate of New Jersey. According to this, New Jersey was to be nominally independent, through the fact that it was to maintain its own government and defense forces; it was to be under the protection of New England, and thus “subject to laws and resolutions passed by the Federal Government in Boston.” New Jersey’s population was to be accorded dual New Englander-Jersey citizenship and accorded ‘special status’; they were to be exempt from military conscription, and Jersey companies and industries were protected from domestic competition by the federal government.

However, New Jersey was ultimately under the control of the federal government. A new post was created, the Protector-General, to supervise the protectorate. Though the civilian government in Trenton held nominal power in Trenton, the Protector-General wielded absolute power over the region and was accountable only to the President. General Mark Clark of the Army was personally appointed Protector-General by President Kennedy and sent to Trenton to assume his post.

In addition, all branches of the armed forces of the former Jersey Republic were downgraded and converted into a regional defense force, under the (nominal) command of the New Jersey President. Branches of the Stasi and the Military-SS were also established in New Jersey cities and towns, beginning in Trenton; they were to remain in place until New Jersey was suitable for independence once again. All political parties were banned and dissolved.

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