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Two 3x3 tech deals LONGTERM


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So, I'd like to start two 3x3 deals. It's a standard 3x3 deal (3mil for 100tech) and it will be LONGTERM, meaning it will go on every 10 days, so everyone must have the necessary slots always available! The only thing here is that anyone who has a DRA wonder can participate in both 3x3 deals (either as a buyer or as a seller). In that case, all the nation's slots must be reserved for this deal (6 slots).

No sellers younger than 30 days, please.

Here we go with the list:

2nd deal:

Buyer 1: forhiller

Buyer 2: Boddah

Buyer 3: Strider

Seller 1: MILO7

Seller 2: nash160

Seller 3: Goddess jess

So, y'all know - Buyer 1 sends money to Seller 1, Seller 1 sends tech to Buyer 2 and 3 .

Buyer 2 sends money to Seller 2, Seller 2 sends tech to Buyer 1 and 3 etc.

NOTE TO SELLERS: Send both offers of 50 tech at the same time. You don't have to have 100 tech available for that, only 50. When one offer gets accepted, only buy 50 more tech and that's it, the other buyer can accept the offer. That way we can aviod delays.

// Post a reply here or you can send me an in-game msg.

// I repeat, you can participate in both deals if you have a DRA wonder. This will be longterm, so precision and delivery on time every 10 days is needed!

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Ok. The first deal is set and ready. I notified all the participants, you may start the deal. Remember, this is a LONGTERM deal and if you have any plans of quitting or anything, please notify me in advance.

u can count with me in all the 3x3 tech deals, just PM

We have all the tech buyers now. We still need 3 sellers and then we can start the second 3x3 deal.

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my bad srry i meant that i can be buyer in upcoming 3x3 tech deals just pm if u need me

Ok, no problem. I signed you as a buyer. Now all we need to do is get the 3 sellers and we can start it. I'll pm you when everything is ready.

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