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A new alliance

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We are building a new alliance based on three aspects... Pride, loyalty and respect. We will be loyal to you, proud to have you and respectful of how you wish to spend your time in CN.

The Southern Union is the perfect allaince for you! Weather you want to be an active member and take part in war, government and recruitment or you want to be a laid-back member just looking to hang out, we'll let you do your thing!

In the TSU, you can be as active.... or inactive as you want to be! For those of you that just want protection, you can sign on and stay with us as long as you sign into our tech selling department. We will get you the max cash flow by keeping your slots full!

For those who want to be active... We are just building and need key members of government! We need department heads and diplomats.

We are working on recruitment rewards programs, member growth programs and trade programs.

Our main goal is to build lasting friendships. We want to build bonds that cannot be broken by cyber war. Come... join us.

The TSU if protected by The Sweet Oblivion.

You can find our forums at www.thesouthernunion.proboards.com right now!

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Thanks for the bump!

We are growing and getting better organized!

We now offer a 3million dollar sign-up bonus and recruitment bonuses in addition to the Tech selling programs!

We are a small alliance... but we are loyal to each other.

Check us out at www.thesouthernunion.proboards.com today!

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