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Logging in/Creating a Nation


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Well, I remember signing up to play about a year ago, but I logged in once, and never touched it again for over a year. A friend of mine suggested that I start playing again, he could give me the basics, and explain things to me, so I tried... When I tried to create an account I got this:

Multiple nations controlled by the same player is not allowed and it appears that you already have an existing account by the name of Antichrist in Cyber Nations. If you do not remember your user name or password you can have it sent to you.

Okay, I had forgotten I created an account. Forgetting the password, I password recover using my email, but it says invalid email. I try ALL of my email accounts, and it STILL says invalid email. I've searched all of my email accounts, I've gone through spam, trash, inbox, what have you, and it still isn't letting me.

He informed me that it SHOULD have deleted the account after several months of inactivity... well, it didn't.

Now my question is: How can I fix this, so I may start playing again?

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