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"Sarah? She's the love of my life...no matter how much I may powder the words...the root of it all goes to that. It's quite simple, I love her."

He smiled gracefully.

"How do you know Sarah? Have you known her long?"

He raised his arm to alert the waitress that they were ready to order.

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“The answer will depend on how you prove yourself.”

The old man ordered the Genghis Khan shabu shabu and two bottles of sake. The faint sound of a bamboo flute could be heard in the background.

“Sarah is the perfect woman, one whom almost all men in the world would court if they could. Not even the mythical Helen of Troy would match her beauty, her intellect, her sincerity and her soul.”

He paused for a moment, sipping the hot tea.

“If the rumors are to be believed, you are one of her most potential suitors, and though she did say she would never marry again, I would like to see if anyone could make her full and happy.

Now, explain why you would be her perfect soul mate.”

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He smiled at the question, obviously amused with the challenge.

He ordered Netto Gyokuro and slowly sipped the herby tea.

"You are correct in saying that she is the most beautiful woman in the world, and I would do anything for her."

He looked down at his tea.

"You know...Sarah is more than just a woman...she's an ideal and a philosophy. I don't think many people in the world can understand that, let alone appreciate it. I know that Sarah and I are soul mates because of this. I understand her and she understands me--both are large feats. Many people may pretend to know what Sarah really means...who she really is...but in reality they know nothing."

He paused, reflecting on everything that had happened in the past few weeks.

"When Sarah and I are together...it's like the world stops and it's only us. No matter what happens...when Sarah and I are together, everything is alright. All the pain, suffering and hate in the world dissolves...leaving only us...together."

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He pondered for a moment.

“You seem to be only half-qualified from what you said so far.

Yes, Sarah is not just a beauty. She stands for everything pure in this world, from genuine love to eternal peace. That you are able to see beyond the individual, unlike a certain debt collecter, shows that you truely understand her in this aspect.

However, about all the pain in the world dissolving when you are together..... I am not sure if that is what her soul mate should be, for she wishes to end the pain, not just make it go away from her. It is her dream to go beyond all the evils that humans can commit, and establish a world where no onwe would have to face such suffering.

Are you willing to give her up, to go beyond your love, for her dreams and visions?”

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"Absolutely....although my love for Sarah is boundless...I understand that her vision is a a very large part of what makes Sarah...well Sarah! If her goals required that I 'lose' her, I would without hesitation abide by what she requires. You see...if my intervention with her vision forced her to change her dreams in any way possible, I would be heartbroken. I fell in love with more than just a girl...I fell in love with her dreams and visions.

Changing those dreams and visions for my sake would be essentially killing the one I love...I would be heartbroken."

He played with the loose tea with a spoon.

"Simply put, if Sarah must change for me, I would much rather give her up. I believe her vision and ability is more important than my love for her."

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“So the goddess is the most important aspect for you..... Interesting.”

The hot sake arrived, and he poured the two a cup each, and sipped at his own. After finishing, Ishima quietly put his cup on the table.

“It is certainly interesting that a moral conservative like you had become 'one' with the goddess a few times. If her visions were main focus of your love, why did you focus most of your energies on the physical girl herself? Shouldn't you have attempted to keep things platonic, instead of sensual? I will not deny that the physical is as important as the mental and the spiritual, but you seem to have misplaced your feelings with your actions.”

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"You see, that is where I disagree. When I fell in love with Sarah the idea, I also fell in love with Sarah the girl."

He took a sip of the sake.

"Sarah is without a doubt 'the whole package' if you would excuse my crude commoner language. I love her for everything that she is...as I said earlier...when Sarah and I are together, things change. Our attitudes change, our perspectives change, everything...I suppose I'm hooked on that feeling. Sarah makes me so happy and I would do anything for her."

He took a drink of the sake.

"It is impossible to say this in the correct language...I regret having to use lowenvolk speak however...physical...satisfaction...is almost important for our emotional...fulfillment."

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“Mental, spiritual, and physical are all part of the same thing, and I would not be against you for having physical wanting. You were, after all, once married, and I would understand it.

I do have a question: How far are you willing to go for Sarah? Not just in protecting her dreams and herself, but as in if she should take a husband, would you accept it like an honorable gentleman?”

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He sipped the sake, tasting it's smooth flavor.

"Sarah has told me she has no intention to remarry...however if she chose to do such a thing, I would certainly not object. Now, it's goes without saying that I would much prefer her in my arms than in another's. Would I resist? I would atleast like to know her reasoning...but beyond that..."

He took another drink, thinking to himself to slow down, or risk getting tipsy.

"But it also goes without saying that if Sarah felt she was ready and willing to marry another man, I would certainly accept it. I suppose Sarah's happiness is what's most important there, no?"

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